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seeing red

i have always loved red...i have had red boots, purses and coats over the years but was still apprehensive about red jeans...until i put them on. Now i am in pure love!!!Paired with black flats is lovely!!

a few maybees...

at Winners....inspired by Defying her fashion shows:)
this juicy couture bag ..wish i'd bought it!! So cute and not ridiculously priced at $99.99!

thought this was cuet but just too low cut.

Loved this one but needed a small as this medium was just a bit too big around the waist and bust area. Would look really nice with black dress pants.


So it's been a while!!!
Our summer was amazing. We had a fantastic holiday in Cuba and would recommend our resort to anyone looking for an affordable, fun, beach holiday. I rocked my new bikinis and was so happy to have bought them instead of the conservative, ridiculous one piece or tankinis sported by most women my age. Only unfortunate incident is the top on one of them broke the second day...lucky though I actually liked the other one more and have since had the broken one fixed at the store I purchased it from. (a shout out to the anon reader who suggested I go to Legs Plus-they are awesome there!!)
Also had a big issue with the camera and only got about 93 pics out of about 300 snapped. The issue with digital cameras is the memory cards can get viruses and the pics aren't always no nice scrap book from this holiday but there will be lots of holidays in the future and I'll be sure to take pics then!
I've been running a lot these days. Completed…