Monday, 19 November 2007


internet access and i have been way more productive than i have in ages!! Our poor old computer was attacked by another virus and had to go to the computer doctor again this weekend. I was without internet, computer games and photoshop for 2 whole days...usually i would have been bored silly twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do with myself. This time around I decided enough was enough and I got out my cleaning supplies, finished 3 pages in my scrapbook and even baked 8 dozen cookies. It was amazing! I even caught up on a tonne of sleep as my hubby took baby out and about town so i could do as I pleased...such a sweety pie!

Now what will i do when i get home??? Catch up on all the emails i missed, the blogs i try to read and all the new babycentre posts...hmmm so much for productivity :)

Monday, 12 November 2007

it's cookie time

Last year during the holiday season some friends and I participated in a cookie exchange. We each baked 10 dozen cookies and gave 1 dozen to each person in the exchange. I received some awesome cookies, some average cookies and honestly some just plain awful ones (luckily those who took part in the exchange don't read my blog-and those that might make fantastic cookies:)
This year I was thinking of making a new type of cookie. I tend to always make chocolate chip or some variation of that- last year i did a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, which were really tasty but could be made by anyone...this year i want something spectacular...any suggestions, ideas or recipes???
Chrissy- i should break out that Cookie Cookbook you gave me the first year we met when you got my name in the gift exchange at WTC!!!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...