Monday, 31 July 2006

becoming a parent

It is amazing how becoming a parent can totally change your perspective on life and living. This amazing new experience brings you to a whole new level of contemplation and understanding of the world. Since my son Elie was born almost 6 weeks ago my life has undergone so many changes...not just the obvious ones like dealing with sleep deprivation, no longer thinking of myself first, and the need to take care of a tiny human being, I'm referring to things like learning to smile at things that may have bothered me before- ie- the screaming kid being dragged out of the mall by his mom, or the woman who just pulls her breast out and feeds her hungry baby in the middle of busy food court. (I have yet to do that BUT I have been forced on 2 seperate occassions to feed in more public places than i would have normally found comfortable or appropriate-first time was at Baskin and Robbins one evening- no way were we going to make it home to feed since the walk was about 20 minutes and Elie was VERY HUNGRY, the second time was just yesterday while hubby and I were taking Elie for a nice walk through High Park-we were forced to sit down on a park bench and just feed him- it didn't matter that tonnes of people were walking and driving by- baby was hungry and that was that!!)
I have also learned that being and patient and relaxing are key to making life easier for myself. If my boy is having a crying frenzy and I can't figure out what the source is I have to just take a deep breath, relax and handle it, I cannot get all worked up or else the crying will never stop- usually all he needs is a little bouncing and hugging and he is good to go- we even get some sweet smiles these days.
The neccessity of teamwork has also been reinforced drastically over the last 6 weeks. Hubby and I must work together to make this parenting thing work and be enjoyable, if we don't than there is definitely the possibility of a meltdown.
Other things that have changed in my life is my relationship with my own parents. I have always found my folks to be a little annoying and have always been annoyed by them...lately I have never been more greatful that they are here and able to help out. My mom has been a g-d send these past weeks, she comes over, takes care of baby and lets me rest, shower or just have some ME time AND she loves doing it too!! The only thing she can't do is feed my little sweety (unless i pump a bottle which I like doing at times anyway)
I have realized that the world news is no longer important to me. I would rather watch Baby Einstein on repeat play than take the time to watch the news (especially with the sh*t that is going on now) Watching and reading the news just makes me angry and I want my baby to feel only happy vibes from me. I have been smiling a lot more lately and I think Elie will appreciate it.
HMM...I am certain that there are more a lot more ways becoming a parent has changed my perspective but right now I am having a baby brain moment so I'll let it go but if/when I remember I will update this entry :)

Thursday, 13 July 2006

oh to lose something so beloved...

I recently took a trip to Shopper's Drug Mart to pick up some of my favourite shampoo and conditioner. Inner Science has been my brand of choice for a while now as it was affordable but not awful the way so many drug store brands tend to be. Unfortunately when i saw it was on sale I also saw the sign saying DISCONTINUED...oh boy now what was I going to do??? The company that makes Inner Science attached coupons to the bottles for a new Pantene shampoo but I have never had great luck with Pantene and do not find their shampoo does great things for my extremely hard to manage hair. Any suggestions on another reasonabley priced brand that will tame my thick, wavey, stubborn hair??? HELP!!

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

The Jewish Magazine

I have posted before about the power of Jdate but I thought I'd post about it again because this time these powers are actually in print!!!
A few months ago
Jill told me about this guy who was writing an article about Jdate success stories. I immediately emailed him and we arranged a phone interview. Gavin and I spoke with him for about 45 mnutes and gave him "our story". Some of the details in the article are off but the gist of it is correct. Gavin and I actually met in August 2003 not 2004 but other than that things look A-OK...anyway check out the article on pages 28 and 29 of the magazine.
Enjoy :)

Monday, 10 July 2006

the breastfeeding debate....

I didn't plan on making this a baby blog as I do have a site for my little guy but this issue has been on my mind a lot lately and today I went to a mommy group were we discussed the issues of breastfeeding quite a lot. Most of the moms in this group formula feed their babies and all the little ones are healthy, thriving energetic little people...
anyway I was recently forwarded this article and thought I"d post it here as I found it very inspiring and helpful (although I am choosing to continue breatfeeding for a while still)
Read and let me know your thoughts on this

Confessions of a Closet Bottle Feeder

I admit it. I had no interest in breast feeding before my daughter was born. I knew it was the "thing to do", but it just didn't seem like the "thing" for me. Secretly I hoped my new baby wouldn't figure it out. I dreamed I wouldn't have adequate milk supply. I imagined all sorts of scenarios that would give me the easy out and make it okay not to nurse my new baby daughter. Then on December 30, 2005, my little girl was born and suddenly my world changed. I couldn't believe that she was our creation and I was continually amazed that she depended on me for life. I was in love. In an instant, I was determined that I would breast feed her exclusively and suddenly I had no interest in a bottle or formula. For those first few days, we struggled and learned together and I had never been happier. While I thought I was doing a fine job with the feedings, her second doctor's visit proved me wrong. Our little girl was still losing weight and she was very dehydrated. I was devasted. My doctor all but threw a can of formula at me and said "get this kid on the bottle"! I was crestfallen. Tears ran from my eyes. I was horrified. I was annoyed. How could this be? Things were going so well. I spent hours with a private lactation consultant (at $150/hour!!) to help me perfect the feeding routine. A few more days of crying for both me and my baby (she was obviously STARVING!) and close to $1000 worth of consultation services later, I was forced to introduce the bottle. At first I wouldn't feed her. I refused to be the one to give my baby this powder and water mixture. It seemed so unhealthy. It seemed so unnatural. Most of all, it seemed so unfair. Everyone else seemed to be breast feeding. So devasted and ashamed, I couldn't and wouldn't bottle feed my daughter in public at the beginning. I was so fearful that someone would judge me as an inferior mother because I was giving my daughter formula. If I did have to feed her in public, I'd prepare the bottle at home, so that one might think it was pumped breast milk. It took me about two months and a lot of sad and lonely days to get over this insecurity. I am proud to say that my daughter is six months old and now she rarely eats a meal INSIDE of our house. She snacks at Starbucks, she lunches anywhere from the local park to the Four Seasons' Studio Café. My daughter is healthy and thriving and thoroughly enjoys her bottles of formula. Countless people have enjoyed bonding with her while feeding her a bottle and this has given me a lot more time and flexibility. While I support and applaud any mother who breast feeds her baby, I now know that how you feed your baby is a personal decision. My daughter couldn't be happier, and neither could I.

Friday, 7 July 2006

it's been a long while since i last posted but circumstance has not allowed me as much time lately as i used to have :)
anyway I thought I"d write a quick note on how shocked i've been about the the whole "mommy"culture...who knew there were such things as Lactation Consultants and that they charge big bucks for their services, or that there are a million different types of breast pumps on the market, or that you can get tonnes of different bouncy chairs...more models than car makes in some cases...boy if you want to spend $$ in the blink of an eye, have a baby and you can spend spend spend, all before baby even reaches one month old!!
Thank goodness for generous grandparents and income top-ups!!!!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...