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To Resolve or Not....

New Year's is upon us very soon and once again it is time to think about New Year's Resolutions. Every year I make the same resolutions and never seem to keep them for more than a month or two. First one I always make and break is my promise to myself to work out everyday and keep to a very healthy lifestyle. That usually goes along with the resolution to lose 30 pounds which never happens! I did manage to lose 16 pounds this year but that was only after gaining 20 during a very stressful period so really I was still up 4 pounds :(
The second resolution I tend to break is my goal to save more money. I really used to be good with saving money and never had less than $3000 in my savings account at one time but now that I am older and life throws more hard balls my way- like car repairs, the need for new household appliances and getting fatter thus needing new clothes- my bank account has dwindled to the point that when I look at the balance I get severe nausea. I am scared what …

Wedding Crashers

December 28, 2005
Interesting, Predictable, Obnoxious: "Wedding Crashers" Inspires Wedding Crashers
Debbie Schlussel
Today's Wall Street Journal Marketplace section has a very interesting article about a rude behavior you could have predicted would result from the hit movie, "Wedding Crashers": wedding crashing. (We wish we could link to this, but alas, you must subscribe to the WSJ to access it.)
The movie has inspired so much wedding crashing that it's become very costly to non-celebrity brides and grooms who must shell out big bucks for decidedly celebrity accoutrements, including guards/extra security and the extra money the caterer charges for extra plates (food served to the crashers who are not caught). It also now includes the tacky, but necessary: Wedding parties must now resort to sending tickets for admission in the wedding invitation. Enjoy seeing total strangers in your wedding photos? Those pics cost money, too.
It was funny in the movie--which …

Maybe it's just me....

I have been on a quest in the last few months. I am determined to find the perfect eyeshadow. None of the brands or colors I have purchased seem to do anything for me at all. The first one I purchased was a brand called ARISSA. This was about $3.99 at Walmart. The colors looked so pretty in the package I was sure they would be gorgeous on. Boy was I wrong. My first attempt to use this duo called Star Dust was a total disaster. I applied it using the applicator in the case and made a total mess of my eyes-and I was at work so I had no way of removing this chalky gross mess off my face (yes the shadow ran all over my cheeks and into my eyebrows-YUCK) ...I tried it again later using a brush but the color was so faint it was a little to au natural for my liking.

The second one I tried was from Cover Girl. It was not super cheap. I paid about $6.99 on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for a 4-kit shadow in the Urban Basics color combo. The colors are fairly neutral so I knew I would not get dramat…

An Evening With Friends

It's always nice to get together with friends. Last night we had our first Chanukah party. I had planned on making latkes but was just too tired and really wanted to do other things instead of slave over a hot frying pan cooking in the afternoon.
We had about 14 people over and I'm glad to say it seemed as if everyone was getting along well. That is always a worry of mine-that people won't get along or will have absolutely nothing in common thus having nothing to talk about...besides the fact that the usual "all about our kids talk" prevailed for what seemed a better part of the evening things were rather enjoyable.
People ate, drank (well pop at least) and were generally merry.
The only thing that didn't really happen which I kind of hoped would was people drinking a little more-and relaxing so they could stay later than they did- but no biggie as we did have 4 people stay past 11 pm (woohoo)
The turn out was decent. Only my single friends seemed to decline. Fun…

Happy Holidays vs Merry XMAS

This time of year brings with it good cheer and wonderful spirit BUT on the other hand it also brings a lot of frustration and aggrevation. Yes going to the mall and looking for parking during December can be slightly hellish but these aren't the annoyances that cause me the most stress.
What really peeves me during this time of year is the general assumption that everyone celebrates Christmas and that there is a lack of sensitivity to those who celebrate other religous festivals. How many times am I forced to smile politely when a client says Merry Xmas or a co-worker asks me if I've done all my shopping..I understand they are just trying to be polite or show interest but with all the "mutli-culturalism" in our society these days one would think it would be easier to understand the need to recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas.
I am not trying to be a grinch nor am I saying that we should now call a Christmas tree a Holiday tree but on the other hand it wo…

Sleepless nights

What a scare I got this past week. I received my CREDIT CARD BILL in the mail and boy was I shocked by the balance...I have always been extremely cautious with my spending and always make sure that I have enough cash in my chequing account to cover any credit card purchases I make. I HATE being in debt(with the exception of my mortgage) and could never live with myself if I had to pay those crazy credit card interest rates...that's why when I opened the envelope and was slapped in the face with a larger than I could have imagined balance I had a little panic attack...what was I going to do??? There was no way I could pay that off in full without borrowing money from a savings account or G-d forbid asking my husband for a small loan...well after hemming and hawing and stressing myself out totally I meekly aproached my husband and told him I couldn't pay my bill this month...I was SOOO embarassed but he didn't even bat an eyelash and gave me a cheque for my bill ....I have d…