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sums today up perfectly



recently we have been having major behavioural issues with our 3 1/2 year old daughter. She is extremely defiant and disrespectful to us. She acts in ways I wouldn't have dared to until I was a teenager. Her behaviours include things like kicking, hitting and spitting at us, in addition to calling us things like nasty and bad. We always tell her this behaviour is not acceptable and we put her on the naughty step-but this consequence is almost a joke to her. She laughs and runs away from her spot. We are really at a loss and have no idea what else we can do to make her realize this behaviour is not acceptable. We are looking for something to teach her proper behaviour and respect for us and others in general. Someone suggested putting her in martial arts. I am really keen on this idea but also worry this will teach her the  skills she needs to further hurt us. Those who have taught martial arts are of course pro to the idea and then there are those who say kids who take martial art…


Yesterday was a really hectic day. Had to drag the boy and the man downtown to Sick Kids for a check up which was scheduled for 9:30 and didn't actually happen till after 12. Didn't get home until 4!! and the poor boy was really hoping he'd be going home brace-free but the doctor said absolutely no way!
Anyway that meant I was just so exhausted both physically and emotionally so I decided to veg/flake out rather than workout. Probably would have felt better if I'd worked out but since I did do a 30 minute elliptical workout Monday night one day off was not bad. Tonight will be another challenge with both kids going to lessons but hopefully once they finally get to bed I'll have a chance to pull out the Shred and get to it!!! I really felt my muscles were worked well just with that one workout!!! Daily will certainly make a huge difference!

OH yeah...Happy Valentines Day!!! Although not spent ideally with my one love I did get to spend it with my 2 best guys. Hospi…

Day 2

didn't get to the shred but did do 30 minutes of elliptical training. I finally got the kids to bed at 8:30 and was really wanting to catch up on some TV so multitasking while watching and working out was my best choice. I plan on taking the 20 minutes I need to start my 30 day challenge over again tonight.

30 Day Shred. Day 1

Just finished my first workout with fitness guru Jillian Michaels. I decided last week to spend the $10 and purchase her 30 day shred DVD. I'd been hearing how amazing it is for ages and thought, what do I have to lose???
Anyway workout one, day one went rather well. I can't find my hand weights so I did the workout without them but boy did I sweat using just the movements! I will get weights and I'm sure I'll feel the burn even more next time.
Off to a leaner, meaner hopefully those 30 days!!!

Super Powers!!!!

Did you know I possess amazing super powers? I have the unbelievable ability to make myself invisible!!  Or at least I think that's what it is.
Saturday afternoon I had the most tortuous task of spending almost 3 hours at Bayview Village. This is one of the most expensive and extravagant malls in the whole city. Most of the cars in the parking lot consist of Jaguars, Lexus SUV's and other luxury vehicles. I figured since I had the time to  kill while my car was being detailed I would browse the mall and possibly find something awesome to show off here :)
Well that wasn't going to happen. First store I went to was the GAP. Always pretty good customer service there, although nothing of any substance to note here. Did try on skinny jeans that were sooo skinny I couldn't sit down, move or breath for that matter (maybe a size or two up would have worked but since they were on the clearance rack for $14.99 there were no other sizes!!)
Then I went off in search of some bra…