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I am on a mission. My plan is to work feverishly to declutter my life. Not only getting rid of things and unnecessary objects but also to  cleanse my soul. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane and the drama of gossip and other peoples worries but honestly how does that help one live the life they need to live??? to be the best person I can be!
Getting rid of stuff is easy, I have recently made a promise to myself not to buy anything new and not absolutely necessary. I realized that most people don't notice when you are wearing something new nor does buying "things" make me a happier person. I would prefer to save my purchases for things for my family, nobody cares if I wear the same dress to 3 or 4 different bat or bat mitzvah parties, nor do they judge me if they do notice (and honestly if a person is the type to notice and judge they aren't the type of person I care to associate with anyway!!)
Part of my personal challenge is to actually wear each piece of…