Saturday, 14 April 2012

getting there

Slowly getting back into working out again after 2 weeks off due to sever strep throat. Working out at all induced major coughing fits and still does a bit if I overdue it.
Yesterday I set a goal of running for 3 km. I started out strong and ran the first 1.5 km no problem, only stopping to tie my shoe. Then I lost my breath and was forced to walk the rest of the way home. At least I just put my sweats on and went! I am very happy with my new earphones. I got the Skull Candy over the ears ones so they no longer fall out of my ears, which really annoyed me!!!
Today I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and watch Zumba videos while doing it. The music for Zumba is awesome but I couldn't make it to my regular class as it was moved to 8:15 am. Although I'm up at that time it's just a tad early for me! Will have to try harder to get there in the future!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

366 days...

till I will be fit fabulous and 40!!! That is why on the eve of my 39th (GULP!!!) birthday I decided that cough and all I must get back on the elliptical and push myself just a little. Did 15 minutes and coughed my lungs up most of the fact still coughing uncontrollably but I did it. to get at for the next 365 days! My goal is to really be fit, fabulous at 40. No way do i want to let middle age hit me like a tonne of bricks! I let 30 take over my back side and now it is my turn to take control!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...