I am on a mission. My plan is to work feverishly to declutter my life. Not only getting rid of things and unnecessary objects but also to  cleanse my soul. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane and the drama of gossip and other peoples worries but honestly how does that help one live the life they need to live??? to be the best person I can be!
Getting rid of stuff is easy, I have recently made a promise to myself not to buy anything new and not absolutely necessary. I realized that most people don't notice when you are wearing something new nor does buying "things" make me a happier person. I would prefer to save my purchases for things for my family, nobody cares if I wear the same dress to 3 or 4 different bat or bat mitzvah parties, nor do they judge me if they do notice (and honestly if a person is the type to notice and judge they aren't the type of person I care to associate with anyway!!)
Part of my personal challenge is to actually wear each piece of…

My JWRP experience

I have been trying to put into words all the experiences I had on my recent trip to Israel with the JWRP. As the weeks pass by since my return it has been become clearer to me what the trip has done for me. When I first applied to the JWRP in 2012 it was more about taking a trip on my own, without my family. A "break" if you will. I didn't know exactly why I wanted to go on a woman's trip to Israel but I did know I wanted to experience Israel again, through adult eyes. It had been many years, almost half my life since I'd last visited the Holy Land. As time passed and I had the opportunity to speak with many women who had gone on the trip I learned more about it. They all said the same thing - the trip was amazing and had significantly change their lives. I knew I had to go. My first application was rejected and again my second application was rejected, both for reason's beyond my control. I was becoming increasingly discouraged and started doubting my d…

New Year's a comin'

Every year I debate the resolution thing... this year I decided I'm not going to resolve for anything since overall I am happy with what I have and where I'm at. I have realized that although I am not the big powerful executive or corporate lawyer I had wanted to be I am in a job that is well suited for who I am. My husband is a teacher and is income is fair. He doesn't earn huge money but he is a very hands on father and an awesome husband. He is so supportive and understanding. He brings rational and balance at times when I don't! So I don't live in the big fancy house, nor do I drive expensive cars but I have everything I could really need. Of course more money would come in handy but I know that if we continue on the path we are on we will be fine in the long run. I will however make small changes in my life that hopefully will have a positive effect on all those around me. I will surround myself with positivity. I find that negativity is not healthy for me. I…


2015 came and went and I didn't blog even once... Not that I didn't have anything to say but only because I had too many things going on I put my blog on hold. I hope that 2016 will resurrect my love of writing and get me back to the keyboard! I will start off with an old favourite in blog-postings... my new years resolutions! I have tried for several years not to set impossible goals and to keep them to myself, not making them public makes it much easier to break them though. SO here I go... 1) I resolve to make my own fun. I have noticed for quite some time that I find myself often bored or distracted, wishing I were somewhere else or hoping that something "fun" would happen. This year instead of waiting for the fun to come to me, I am going to try and make my own. This means that when I'm sitting at a get together and things are super mellow/quiet maybe put on music and try to get others to dance, read more and stay more in touch with what is going on…


I have never really been a Do It Yourself kind of gal. I do enjoy cooking and baking along with other "domestic" type activities but I would never consider making a cake for my kids birthday parties or decorating the house myself with my own homemade creations- only because I prefer professionally decorated cakes (and mine always look like a 2 year old did it) and I don't have a crafty bone in my body for making things that look nice enough to display in my home. BUT I have recently decided that although I'm not crafty I can still do some things around my home myself. So recently I decided that I would change the burnt out headlight in my car myself. I just looked up a Youtube video on how to change it and viola it took me less than 10 minutes to change both sides! Another attempt I made at doing something that looked hard myself went really well. I wanted to butterfly a whole chicken for the BBQ. I had been buying them pre-butterflied myself but they cost conside…

continuing the journey

I have committed to getting my house in somewhat liveable order. Last night I battled the linen closet. It was such a mess, towels just shoved in , sheets bunched up and not folded properly, no order or reason for item placement... after emptying out the entire closet I sorted every towel, sheet and pillow case etc.. I also came across crib sheets, receiving blankets and baby towels that we have not used in years! All those items went into the donation bag- no need for nostalgia here! I have files and files of pictures for that! Now my linen closet is something to be proud of! Everything is organized so nicely! I hope that I can keep it up!!!

Spring Clean Day 2

First day of project spring clean went well. I decluttered the space on top of the fridge and threw away a tonne of stuff. Don't tell my kids... a bunch of their drawings and "artwork" went buh-bye... I keep so much of it but now only keep the really noteworthy pieces. (quite hard with two budding artists in the house!!) Did find a form to renew my licence plate... well that is only 6 weeks overdue... i will take my car for that emmission test one of these days! Today I am going to attempt to clean the space under the stairs in the basement. We emptied it out a few years ago when we had our basement finished but just piled the stuff back in... i plan on installing shelves in there so that the space can be used more effectively. This may take longer than the one hour I give myself to declutter each spot.. much luck needed for this one!

Spring Cleaning

As spring is supposedly here I thought I'd think about giving the house a big clean. I've never really done one before and am scared about what gems I might find. We do clean the house weekly but I really want to get into the nooks and crannies, declutter and organize every cupboard, closet and drawer... only thing I can think to say to that is "good luck with that" Today I'm going to start with the space on top of the fridge. I'm not sure why that space constantly gets littered with "stuff". All the things I plan on getting to later end up piled on top of my fridge. I have cleaned it before and been shocked to find things I was supposed to do weeks months earlier. Like send in the kids immunization records so they don't get expelled from school! Or a hydro bill etc.. Anyway hopefully today is the first day of my "big spring clean project" Crossing my fingers it goes ok!!!