Sunday, 30 March 2008

what to do...

with a 21 month old on a day when there is nothing open or you don't want to go out??? Well we tried painting, that resulted in lots of screaming and lots of colors...ON THE FLOOR- luckily i bought washable paints so it wasn't such a terrible thing but painting only kept him busy for 15 minutes during an 8 hours day (my boy rarely sleeps during the day and if he does it's usually only for 20-30 minutes-if we're lucky)....on the suggestion of Karen's friend whom i ran into at the mall one day, we tried playdough. OY VEY is all i can say!! For some reason the squishing and rolling of blue playdough on my sons' high chair tray resulted in a huge fit and crying session...he just didn't like it and absolutely wouldn't TOUCH it...well that was a nice 5 minutes spent during a really really long day!!!

Any suggestion on what you would do with a bored 21 month old child ??? We really don't want him to watch more TV than he already watches (I am sad to say that he already has a grunt/word for Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora and need to encourage more character admeration!!)

Earth Hour...

seemed to be a success in our neighborhood. I looked out the window around 8:30 to see how many people had turned out the lights and my estimate would be 50%. Not bad, not amazing but a start...the only problem we had with it was there was really nothing to do as we couldn't go anywhere with sleeping boy upstair so we went to sleep too....hence my new posting at 2:15 am!!

Going to bed at 8:30/9 ish seemed like a great idea only now i am awake and I don't foresee falling asleep again until 4ish so the internet is going to be my best friend for the next couple of hours :) Oh least tomorrow is Sunday and i can rest- lol...who am i kidding ??? There is no day of rest when one has an almost 2 year old to take care of and entertain for an entire day!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

sometimes...quality pays!!

After 15 years my beloved Revlon hairdryer decided to say it's final goodbyes a few weeks ago. I had bought that dryer at Shoppers Drug Mart when i was in 2nd year university. It saw me through graduation, my short hair fase, moving overseas (and yes it did come with me) moving out on my own, long hair again, getting married, having a baby and too many others to mention...
I was mid-blowdry when hubby walked in and noticed something smoking, flames coming out only inches from my head-how i didn't notice i am still not sure...but that scene started my search for a new hairdryer. Luckily i had just washed my hair so i had a few days grace before i NEEDED to get myself over to a beauty supply outlet store...(i only wash my hair once every 3 days to avoid drying it out and damaging it)
I researched a bit and shopped around before making the best purchse ever!! I got myself a Bablyiss red ceramic dryer. This thing is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. I always thought i needed to use my chi iron everyday to flatten out my puffy hair-what i didn't know was my puffy hair was a direct result of an old, crappy hairdryer! No product or styling aid has done the things to my hair like this amazing dryer. I have been getting compliments on my hair from my coworkers for days now...i keep telling them it's the new dryer!
i just hope this dryer last me 15 years like my last one did!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

let the fun begin...

Today is day one of our hopefully 3 week renovation. We have finally, after much umming and ahhing decided that we NEEDED to have our basement made into usable, livable space. With baby #2 on its way in less than 3 months there was no way we could manage without the space this renovation is going to create.
I am so excited since we get to pick out carpet and paints, moulding and trim-something we never got to do with the purchase of this house- everything was already here (as much as i like or dislike it) -well we did pick out paint but for the basement we can do something more fun if we choose and less "functional" as i like to call our choice of colour in the rest of the house.

It is too embarassing to post before photos of the basement so i'll just try to take a few during and some definitely after shots!

Let's just hope that the 3 week time frame actually stands and we can have our house back to "guest worthy" shape in no time!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

it's a love hate thing...

I love Toronto. I can't imagine living in any other city long term. Sure we talk about how much easier life would be if we moved to a small place with cheaper real estate and slower pace of life, but i doubt we could ever actually do it (and kudos to those who have/can done it...just not for us).
With all the amazing things about Toronto, the restaurants, theaters, cultural neighborhoods etc there is one thing i can't stand...PAYING FOR PARKING. I hate hate hate having to pay for parking. It just seems as though there are fewer areas where one can actually park for free. Government wants to encourage people to take public transit but they don't expand the system enough and those areas where the subway does reach you must pay an arm and a leg to park in order to leave your car and take "the better way".
The other day i went somewhere and had to park for 1.5 hours...$7 later and i was able to get home again ARGH...had i been able to get to my car about 5 minutes faster then i would have saved $1.75 as i was dinged for the next .5's pay per 1/2 hour and any part there of...
i know that places like New York City have even crazier parking situations than we do but it still peeves me that one must pay for parking in a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. They have built so many condos in business areas that now one must pay to visit friends who live in these neighborhoods...they don't even have visitor parking as these spots would likely be taken by people working the area rather than for their intended use...
anyway that is my parking rant for today...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Good bye old friend

After 8 years it was time to say good-bye to a dear old friend. She just wasn't giving me what I needed anymore and our friendship was becoming more strained and stressful with each passing day. When we were first introduced we got along really well. She was so reliable and I could count on her without an issue. Her and I took many trips together. We went camping, to Montreal and even to Niagara Falls.
Unfortunately my 1997 Cavalier wasn't able to survive another winter. She just gave up the fight and we had her towed away on Monday evening. How sad to see her last triumph out of the garage hooked up to a big tow truck. We couldn't even have one last trip together before our final goodbye. It feels strange to be attached to a big hunk of metal but after so many years together I can't help feeling a little emotional and sad. She was the first car i'd ever bought with my own money. Getting her was the start of my freedom as an independant adult.
BUT on the bright side....i got a brand new car. A pretty Khaki colored Jeep Compass. I'm sure this new friend and I will have many good times together. We're already planning trips to the wild north to visit friends, camping and other trips during the summer.
To my new friend: we look forward to spending many years with you- we promise to treat you well and hope you do the same!!!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...