Sunday, 26 July 2009

just a few things...

I have been thinking about lately. Nothing really serious, nor really important but things I need to write/vent about none-the-less...

First question- How long can you leave milk out before it goes bad? We have been staying at my MIL's house for over a week now and if I hear the words "put the milk away" one more time I'm gonna gag... I believe the milk can be left out for a few hours before you have to wonder if it has gone bad- she believes it can go bad in just over 3 minutes on the counter, even in an air conditioned house. AND if milk has been heated for about 30 seconds can it later be put back in the fridge to be consumed the next day- i think yes...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

next, why do shoe laces come undone, even if they have been double knotted...i have sketchers, which I love except for the fact that the laces are always untying- ARGH

Why do people buy then waste food? There are so many starving people in the world and then we here in NA buy food, let it sit in the cupboard/fridge then toss it out without even giving it a second thought- what a waste of food and money (IMO)- even if it is only slightly blemished and can be partially salvaged! The green bin always seems to be full of perfectly edible decent food...oh well

okay getting tired so i'll think of more later

Sunday, 12 July 2009

isn't it amazing...

how fast they grow up?!?! I can't believe that not that long ago my little boy was a nursing, crying, toothless, deep dimpled baby...and now he is still sometimes crying and definitely still has the deepest dimples I have ever seen but he certaintly isn't toothless and he no longer nurses. AND he is asking us a minimum of a 100 questions a day...not just silly questions but really thought provoking, unable to answer without thought questions.
Today he asked us why daddy is bigger/taller and mommy is smaller/shorter. I had no idea what to tell him- and said "that is the way men and women couples are supposed to be" I'm sure some couples where this isn't true might argue with me but I was in a bind for an answer and didn't want to give him my standard "i don't know". Then the boy looked at me and asked "mommy, why do you have eyelashes?" I was dumbfounded! My son is 3 not 13!! I told him to keep dirt and dust out of our eyes. He seemed happy with that and went on to splash his applesauce on the floor like a typical 3 year old should!

Friday, 10 July 2009

it's almost time...

for the big move. We have been packing up slowly and getting things done but unfortunately due to the City workers strike we can't throw out as much stuff as we had hoped. We have bags and bags of recycling just piling up in our shed and no place to put it! I guess we'll have to take it with us and just put it out at the new house- argh!!

I can't wait until we can live normally again. We have been in the process of packing for so long now. It is horrible. The mess is driving me insane and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it until we have moved in and completely unpacked. My guess is that will not be an easy task and may take me way longer than I hope!!
Somewhere under all this rubbish are our lives...and some normallcy!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...