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feeling great

The past few weeks..since turning 40 in fact, i have been feeling great- with the exception of an awful reaction to some foods- i've never felt better. I have been getting compliments from so many people at work on everything from my shoes to my hair. And honestly i don't think i've changed anything i've been doing- other than maybe wearing a couple of pairs of sexier shoes! I haven't even had a hair cut since December 14th!! !
I have been running a little more these days and with running comes reduced appetite which of course leads to a nicer figure! but i haven't bought any new clothes, just been digging out what i already own. Maybe the fact that the weather has been getting nicer (except of course for today- which is miserable) helps...

July Challenge

I promised myself I would complete the 30 day shred in July. i have started it several times and have never completed it. I am off to do day one....