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A big beef

I recently started going to Wicked Barre, on the suggestion of FP . I feel great after a work out there, and I honestly think that after the month of going to classes 2-3 times a week my body is really changing. My legs feel leaner, my core stronger (a tiny bit stronger anyway). I still watch what I eat for the most part, I don't always follow Weight Watchers as closely as I'd like but I am aware of how to eat healthy and make the right choices. One thing that really bothers me - and it probably shouldn't but it does- is when people say things to me like, "you're so skinny", or "oh you can eat that, you can afford it." Firstly, I don't consider myself skinny. I am average. I wear a steady size 8 or sometimes I can squeeze myself into size 6. Skinny in my opinion is size 2 or 4. I am on the thinner side of average but "skinny" I don't think so!!! I am often the biggest person in barre class (especially on Fridays!?!?!) Second, I c…