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for the love of shopping...

I used to LOVE shopping and would buy things on impulse whenever I felt the need for something new...thankfully I no longer have that spend $$ impulse the way I used to but on occasion I still feel the need to buy something new for was just one of those days. As I was driving home from grocery shopping muttering about the awful weather and the lack of sunshine on this miserable rainy day, I decided to stop into the Nine West Studio Outlet store for a pick-me-up.
I tried on half a dozen pairs of shoes and finally settled on these babies:

I got them in black and I think the $34.99 I paid for them was a pretty good price as the original sticker price said $120.00 (who knows though)
These shoes will get me through the summer as I can wear them with jeans, skirts, dress pants and capris too...probably not with shorts BUT I rarely wear shorts anyway so that isn't really an issue for me...
While I was at the store I came across a really cute handbag (for those that know me rea…

what we all long for

I just finished reading the book What we all long for by Dionne Brand. This book takes place in my home town of Toronto and is the story of 4 twenty somethings living downtown. They each take turns telling their stories about coming to grips with life, love and friendship. Each tells their tale of family struggles and relationships which have affected their whole beings.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for those who enjoy gripping tales of life in the big city. I am going to look for other Dionne Brand books at my local library branch.

my 50th post!!!

WOW...this is my 50th post...feels like I should make it something good...hmm...I can celebrate the end of Pesach...well yeah-but boring...I could ramble on about nothing particular-again kind of boring...or I could just say:

YEAH it's spring, the weather is awsome, the sun is shining and I didn't even wear a jacket over my t-shirt today!!! Can't wait to get into the garden and plant some pretty flowers, tomatoes and maybe another vegetable or two (my attempt at strawberries 2 years ago failed miserabley but maybe I'll give it another go)

Enjoy this amazing weather while you can- it's gonna get HOT soon!!

A long way down

I just recently finished the book A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.
As described by Jamie Watson Hartford County Public Library:Four different people find themselves on the same roof on New Year's Eve, but they have one thing in common–they're all there to jump to their deaths. A scandal-plagued talk-show host, a single mom of a disabled young man, a troubled teen, and an aging American musician soon unite in a common cause, to find out why Jess (the teen) can't get her ex-boyfriend to return her calls. Down the stairs they go, and thoughts of suicide gradually subside. It all sounds so high concept, but each strand of the plot draws readers into Hornby's web. The novel is so simply written that its depths don't come to full view until well into the reading. Each character takes a turn telling the story in a distinctive voice. Tough questions are asked–why do you want to kill yourself, and why didn't you do it? Are adults any smarter than adolescents? What define…

New baby blog

Okay since my post on my new baby blog seems to have caused some confusion i've decided to change it a little...

My new baby blog is HERE

We have started collecting stuff for our little bumpkin and you can check it all out HERE.

Hope this alleviates some of the confusion

Pre natal

We went to our first pre-natal class this evening. It was a lot of fun and we met some very interesting people. I think there were about 8 couples in total, all of them are due some time in early to late June...then there is our due date of July 6...but who knows when the baby will actually come into the world. Like the instructor said, babies have personalities all of their own right from the start (and I've seen witnessed this with friends babies and our neice and nephew as well) SOO the baby may decide it has had enough and wants out before then or may just decide to stay in longer than expected....
We learned about different coping methods for pain, different ways to relieve some of the pressure we may be feeling in our back, knees and other parts...everything was extremely helpful-i'm sure we'll be using some of the techniques we were shown very soon!
Looking forward to next week !!

33 YIKES!!! It's my birthday

In honor of my 33rd birthday and to borrow (or steal) an idea from my dear friend JillI am going to tell you 33 things about MEEEEE....

1. I have a small group of really close friends and I like it that way (no need to have tonnes of friends I have no time to see)
2. My husband is my bestest friend
3. I can't take critisism (will let it bother me for days and days afterwards-about ANYTHING)
4. I am cheap (I will look for the lowest gas prices even if it means waiting until i'm only driving on fumes)
5. I work hard for my money and can't throw it away frivilously (so i usually wait for sales to buy anything)
6. I have worked the same part-time job since I was 15 years old (with the exception of a 2 year leave of absence to go live abroad) REALLY TIME TO QUIT!!!!
7. I lived in Korea for 15 months after university to teach English
8. I used to LOVE to party at night clubs in my younger days
9. I now prefer to stay home and watch a movie with hubby
10. I have done my own taxes a few …