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the search begins

We are finally heading on a proper vacation. I am super duper excited, as is the whole family. The only thing I dread about vacation is the need for bathing suits. I have several- none of which fit me well. The last time we went on vacation I was forced to purchase two tankinis from a beach side store in Grand Cayman Islands since my suitcase with all my swim wear never showed up. I got 2 pretty ones but they really don't fit me that well.I got back my suit case eventually and realized at that point my honeymoon bikinis were no longer appropriate- string bikinis surely should remain on the 20 something set of boobies!  The tops on my new tankinis are really unflattering and I would prefer either bikinis or one piece- sexish not utility ones though. I have been glancing at Bikini Village and Bikini Bay but have a feeling I am NOT going to find anything beach worthy at either of those stores... plus the girls who work there are so young, they are not going to be helpful in finding t…