Friday, 30 January 2009

service supreemo!

I have been noticing for the longest time that customer service has gone curbside on so many levels. So many retailers and establishments just don't provide the kind of service one would expect,given the nature of business. Today I had the opportunity to be proven wrong.
I recently purchased a new single stroller in "Perfect Pink" for my baby girl. I LOVE this stroller in every way, except that i encountered a tiny problem with it very soon after I got it. After hemming and hawing and unsure about what to do i finally emailed Jolly Jumper, the maker of my stroller. They replied back within the hour! The person i corresponded with told me i could come in to the factory and have the stroller fixed within 20 minutes. I did just that.
I entered the office baby in hand and the receptionist called someone to the front who actually went out to my car and brought the stroller in for me. He took a look and asked to have a seat. The receptionist then offered me coffee and a seat for the baby, which i accepted. I waited a very short time (felt like much less than the estimated 20 minutes) and the stroller was back in my hands all fixed and ready to go! The repair guy then lugged in out to the car for me and put in my trunk again! I was so impressed I actually emailed the company to thank them for such awesome service!
On a side note- it was way cool to be in the Jolly Jumper offices. I would have LOVED to be able to look around and admire some of the sample products they had on display but i got the feeling had i done that it would have been a bit much!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

on the road again...

to healthier nails.
Lately my nails have been horrid. They are all cracking and breaking really low. They get caught on everything and bend backwards causing me serious discomfort and pain. I have been told it is probably due to a calcium definciency but I drink tonnes of milk and eat lots of yogurt so I'm not sure about that assessment. Anyway I have been trying to get them back to some state of normalcy (well not to break when i look at them at least-not even to LOOK good...just not hurt) so i pulled out my old nail care box (and i do mean OLD...i found polish in there i bought in Korea in 1996!!) I found a bottle of Witchcraft nail repair and applied it last night, crossed my fingers it might workd and went to bed...this morning my nails feel a million times better!! They are not pulling on things and are not as cracked as they were last night!! One coat of this stuff and i feel so much they don't look great as this stuff isn't shiny and feels kind of coarse but if it works to repair the damage i'll live with it until i can get out to have a mani!!
Thanks Witchcraft!! You make a product that really works magic!!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...