Monday, 27 March 2006

Heart Burn

OH food glorious food...something I used to enjoy SOOO much NOW it's another story...have been discovering almost daily things I can no longer eat...
so far here is my list:
peanut butter

fruit flavored tea (almost any type)

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Two Can Play that Game

This is the start of a book I have been trying to write for some time...let me know what you think so far!!

Dating and relationships are not things many women take lightly. Even in today’s modern society of empowerment and independence women are still bound to the notion that they need to find “the one”. Unfortunately that search for the one is not as easy as one might imagine. During the search it has been my experience that one may encounter a variety of bumps and barriers on the road to eternal happiness. Once we have exasperated our own resources, tired of the bar scene, the lack of decent guys at the gym and just not meeting that special someone at the local grocery store we sometimes go into panic mode. “Will I be alone forever? Why do ugly girls have boyfriends and husbands while I am still single? What does it take to find the right one? Then it hits- offers for BLIND DATES all over the place. People think just because your single and he’s single that it’ll be a perfect match. Forget the fact that he is a chain smoker and I’m allergic to the slightest smell of smoke or that I am really health conscience and enjoy working out regularly while he is at least 30 pounds over weight and breaks a sweat walking to the car from McDonalds while munching on large fries and a coke.
This book is about the trials and tribulations of blind dating and more recently internet dating and what can happen when the chemical reaction explodes.
After speaking to a variety of women about their experiences I have compiled a commodore of stories and reactions to what should be described as youthful fun but has come to be described as intolerable and often nauseating.


Some of the worst parts about dating include the embarrassment factor. Why is it that some people have absolutely no clue when it comes to etiquette or simple people skills? It seems obvious to me and also to my female friends that common sense should dictate what would seem to be appropriate attire for a date. One story that comes to mind is a friend that was taken to a really trendy restaurant on the 54th floor of a building in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately they were turned away due to the fact that the guy was wearing RUNNING SHOES!!!- that was almost as bad as the guy who showed up at my door wearing SOCKS AND SANDALS!! I was NOT impressed with his attire but gave him a chance anyway- bad move- the guy was a total bible thumper and not my type AT ALL. He went on and on about his last blind date and how he was disgusted that she had admitted to smoking pot on occasion. “I won’t tolerate that!” he stated as he slapped his hand down on the table. People were looking at us- that’s how loud his declaration was.


You’re single- he’s single- why not give it a try???
That has got to be the worst rational for setting two people up. It has happened to me repeatedly. No matter how much your “friends” and relatives tell you the other party is “nice” and respectable etc there is always room for lack of judgment. My very first blind date is the perfect example of this phenomenon. I was 22 and he 33. I was still a university undergraduate who wanted to party and spend time going out and seeing the world-He on the other hand was an established medical doctor who had delivered an impressive number of babies by that stage in his career, had spent time traveling and experiencing life, as well as made a huge career change-gone from law to medicine. I was still exploring my options and really not that focused on anything at that point of my life. He was looking for a wife and I looking for a partner in crime. Just not the ideal match! I heard later he ended up marrying a fellow doctor.
Then there’s the friend who was set up with someone just because they are both teachers, never mind the fact that he was a real macho type and she absolutely NOT into that at all.

Monday, 20 March 2006

She's the man...

Saw a very cute movie today. Really enjoyed the light hearted, romantic comedy starring Amanda Bynes as Viola Hastings and James Kirk as Sebastian Hastings her twin brother in She's the Man. Both hubby and I entered this movie with few or no expectations and came out really happy. The laughs were great, the story light and the outcome, predictable yet sweet...give this one two thumbs up!!

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Saturday, 4 March 2006

The Oscars

Who will be watching The Oscars this Sunday night? I have only seen 2 of the films nominated for best film this year. Crash and Munich were both very well done but out of these 2 flicks my vote would have to go to Crash.

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...