Monday, 2 June 2008

a few things to do...

So my vacation has started...that is the 2.5 weeks i have off until the baby arrives...i have a huge TO DO list and i am just wondering how much i'm actually going to get done...most of it involves some sort of cleaning project. AND I say project because these things aren't just tidy up a shelf but involve some serious emptying, purging and tossing of LOTS of things...

Here is my list

clean out both my and hubby's closets
rearrange linen closet
clean out coat closet(AGAIN)
clean out E's closet
clean out computer room/baby room closet
get a mani/pedi/serious waxing
wash all new baby clothes (lucky there aren't THAT many)
get hair cut, color and highlights

hmmm the list doesn't seem THAT bad now that it is written down...let's see how much i actually get done. My goal is one item per day, with a few break days just for R & R...

makeup makeover

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