Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shake Shimmy and Roll

The desk shook, the moniter was hopping around the wasn't just me. Everyone around me was asking if others had felt it too...a small earthquake hit today and after much confusion and debate the higher ups finally decided that an evacuation was in order. What a nice break in the other wise mundane day!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happy Birthday

My sweet boy!!! I can't believe that you are 4 today. This time 4 years ago you were only a couple of hours old and already the light of my life. You changed things for me in a way that nothing else ever could. I felt love like no other and of course still do!! You are becoming such a big boy with an incredible imagination and a smile so sweet i want to eat it up!!
Each day you prove to us how special and unique you are. You are the protector of your baby sister like no other, you are so helpful and always want to give me a hand around the house! Everybody loves you and cherishes you! Always remember that!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

things that baffle me

1. seeing random shoes on the street.... how can someone lose a shoe and not realize it?? do they walk home with only one shoe and then discover they've lost one on the way

2. size zero....if someone is a zero does that mean they are not really there???

3. standing plop right in the middle of the escalator. Isn't it common knowledge that the left side is for standing and the right side is for walking??? if you are standing in the middle than those trying to walk up or down are blocked(and aggravated!!!)

4. not holding a door open for a person walking close behind you. Don't you realize that if you just let the door close it is slamming in that person's face?!?! (although I think this one might be cultural- we true Canadians might be more polite and thus maybe expect more from others)

5. the fact that I actually think about things!!! what a waste of time!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Leggings are not pants

so please girls...wear a longer top or put on proper pants!!! I have been noticing a trend these days where girls/women are wearing thin, undergarment revealing leggings in leu of actual pants. Now don't get me wrong, I love a nice pair of leggings, paired with a cute skirt/dress or long shirt dress but they are just not appropriate as a replacement of pants!
I myselfhave been searching for a great pair of leggings for myself and I think I have finally found them! H&M has a bunch of different ones and some are super thin while others are a good quality...just need to make sure I pick up the right ones (tried them on but didn't have time to buy them) Rest assured I will not be wearing them as a replacement to my fave jeans/pants but will have a dress on to cover my butt!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

almost there...

I have been working on this weight loss thing for almost 6 months now. I joined WW on Jan 1 2010 and have been doing fairly well. I have definitely been seeing result on the weight loss front and can now wear most of my size 8 clothes and a few of the size 6 pants. BUT I just can't seem to get to final goal weight. I am less than 2 pounds away and have been struggling to get there for a few weeks now. I set this goal thinking it was 5 pounds more than what I really wanted to obtain for myself and now i just can't seem to get there!!! I guess I was definitely keeping it real!
I know that if i upped my exercise I would be at my goal (and I'd probably have a lot more energy as a bonus) but I am finding it so difficult to get exercise in when there are so many other things that need to be done around the house! - how can we add more hours to the day??

I am gonna whine now...i want to be at goal and on maintenance by now...boohoo....

Thursday, 10 June 2010

what to do...

when you make a HUGE pot of soup from a recipe you've never tried before and it turns out tasting completely blech- nobody wants to eat it- even you gag when you put in your mouth.
I made a giant pot of minestrone soup that was supposed to be yummy and so good for you! It is definitely good for losing weight- I can't stand it. The flavour is just too strong and I really don't know how to fix it. I absolutely hate throwing away food- in fact I normally refuse to toss anything that is still edible away ( I just see it as tossing $$ in the garbage) but this pot of soup may go that way depending on if I can do anything to save it!
Any ideas on how to save my soup ???

Thursday, 3 June 2010

wii woo and other ohhs!

I finally used the Wii fit. It can be described in one way so far. Frustrating! I am 55 in Wii age and find that totally disgusting.-sure i'm not the queen of fit, nor am I an exercise fanatic but 55 that is just gross! I can't decide if I can use that as encouragement to get in better shape or use it to say FORGET IT!!
I'll try it again tonight to see how it goes!

On another completely unrelated note- my little guy is starting JK in the fall and tonight we have the orientation. So very exciting! I can' t believe he will be 4 in a few weeks time and starting Junior Kindergarten in the fall!! Where or where does the time go??? OOOH boy!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June 1st...

a new start, a new month, a new goal. I have been doing really well on my weight loss journey and have only gained .8 pounds in any given week. I almost always lose and have only 1.8 pounds left to my goal weight. My new goal is to exercise more. I really have no excuse except for exhaustion, little time and lack of motivation...I am taking a great Zumba class and really enjoy it but unfortunately I had to miss the class last week and will miss it again this week. The instructor is off next week so that will be 3 weeks in a row without zumba :( boohoo!
I was given Wii Fit for my birthday and have yet to use it. I really want to figure it out. I did finally take it out of the box and then couldn't get the thing to turn on. FUG!!
Since it is the beginning of a new month and we are going to a wedding in 20 days I should have lots of motivation to get my butt in gear.
Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to wear the dress I wore to a friends' wedding in 1998. I looked at it in my closet and think it is still stylish enough to wear-just been a little scared to try it on! Wish me luck on that

makeup makeover

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