Friday, 26 April 2013

Sunny Spring Styles

Seems like patterned and printed pants are all the rage this spring. Every store I go into has them on display. They look nice but I'm not sure I'll be buying into the trend, unless I find a pair I really like, at a super steal. I like to wear my jeans/pants for years and years and don't anyone to think that they are "so last year" next summer!!
Will you buying into this summers trend with patterned pants???

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Who knew,,, how great turning 40 would be!!!

I was dreading turning 40. I always pictured 40 year old women as old and going down hill... but really this has not been the case at all. First of all, I think I look great for my age. People are always surprised when my age comes up. I do take decent care of my skin and hardly ever take sun so I think that helps a lot.
I also try to exercise, not as regularly as I'd like but often enough that I'm not horribly over weight. I have been running recently and find that the more I exercise the better I look and especially feel.
My birthday was celebrated with style. On the actual night I went out to dinner with my closest friends.It was really nice!! I realized that I've been friends with some of these ladies for upwards of 30 years!!! The restaurant itself was ... eh. Food could have been better and it was a bit over priced but the company and conversation well made up for that!
My husband got me the exact camera I wanted. I have always wanted to take up photography and the pictures I take with my phone camera just don't cut it. Now I can start my new hobby in style! I am really looking forward to creating some awesome photobooks and printing the pics to display in my home!

My mother-in-law surprised me the most. She came over on my birthday and gave the most beautiful bracelet. I usually receive cash from her and was so touched that she actually took the time to pick something out for me. I had absolutely no idea how popular this style is! After receiving this I have started noticing it everywhere. (as a side note- went to a book club meeting on Sunday and noticed 4 other woman wearing the exact same Tiffany bracelet- how weird is that- I'd never seen it before and suddenly it's everywhere!!)
My parents watched the  kids so hubby and I could go away for the weekend. It was the very first time we were able to get away without the kids and it meant so much to both of us. It was an amazing time- even with having to go to the doctor in Niagara Falls due to feeling really sick on Saturday morning! They also surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings and pendant from one of my fave jewelers.

All in it was one of the best birthdays ever!!! I love my family and friends for making it so special for me.

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