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New Year, New you...

or really new me! I resolved 2 years ago to lose 30 pounds. I did it. It wasn't easy but through following Weight Watchers, attending meetings and keeping control of my eating I was able to obtain my goal. It took me 6 months to get there.  I have kept the weight off for the most part- I am about 3 pounds over my ideal weight. I am now resolving to fit exercise into my lifestyle more regularly as well. I have started recently by joining a zumba class at a local community centre. The class is at a great time for me since it doesn't start till 8:30 and I can go after my kids have gone to bed. Unfortunately that is the only class around that I can find which starts at that time. But I also bought a Jillian Michaels workout for the Wii. I haven't  opened it yet but I plan to start that program soon. I also resolve to only watch TV once I have worked out. I plan to no longer make TV my first priority, it should be a secondary priority  once the exercise is done- or maybe even a…


I was in a bit of a panic. The dance class I registered dear daughter in was cancelled. I kind of knew this might happen as there were just way too many spaces available when i signed her up. I noticed another class at the same covetted spot but it was full, on to the wait list she went... but then after looking at every community centre and every class available on every possible time I was able to reschedule swim for Sunday mornings, and dance is now when swim was going to be... at the same time in the same place at dear son's swim... thank goodness it will all work out! and thank you to the holiday season for a slow work day !!! Gave me time to work this all out while at work getting paid :)


Haven't done a product review in a long time. I used to love reviewing the new things I bought but really haven't bought anything newsworthy lately until today.
I went to Sephora to look at eyeshadow pallettes. Most of mine are pretty much done and I only have the super dark "night-time" colors left- the ones I hardly ever wear- since i hardly ever go out! I was drawn to the Hello Kitty Noir collection pallette in a collectors tin. It is so cute and there are so many colors to choose from. 25 to be exact! I can't wait to try them all. It also comes with 10 lip glosses. I tried one and it is a very deep color. Quite pink actually, nice but will take a little getting used to! Can't wait to see if the color actually lasts!

sick and sick

So I finally get back to working out. Had 2 or 3 great days and was starting to feel good about the routine...even went skating at lunch one day.. when bam... i am struck with a dumb cold. I know I can still work out a little when I'm not feeling well but I just don't have the energy for it. I'm going to try some of the wacked out cold busting methods some co-workers have shared with me. They might help and they definitely can't hurt. A combo of vitamins c and d .. plus cold fx might just to the trick. For now I'm up at an ung-dly hour just trying to breathe.

My nails

update: over all they are holding up well except for one large chip in my thumb nail. I keep planning to go back to venetian to have it fixed but due to all sorts of reasons just haven't had the chance. The chip happened late Saturday afternoon and all the other nails are still perfect! I will definitely have it done again but won't be going back to Venetian for it. Firstly they don't do an amazing job and secondly, they are fairly pricey. I can get a Shellac mani for much less elsewhere and in the same area!

Nails Take Two

Decided to give Shellac mani a second try. Got one done on Wednesday afternoon a dark brown/redish color. LOVE the color and so far the mani has held up well but I can see a tiny bit of bubbling/texture where I don't think there should be any. Looking forward to seeing how long this will last! The last one I got didn't make it the promised 2 weeks and I ended up peeling it off (and a layer of nail too!)

December Days 3 and 4

Did well on the eating front... more due to a burning I have in my chest every time I eat anything- gotta get that checked out today! Went back to my first Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday for the first time in well over a year. It was great to get back to it-although I"m not %100 convinced I loved this leader. My old one was amazing but it is just too hard to get to meetings during the week and Saturday mornings are way more convenient. SO I will stick with this one and see how it goes! Didn't work out over the weekend, I truely planned on it but honestly this feeling like my lungs are punched in every time I eat or take a breath put a major damper on those plans. I am going to see my doctor today (or any doctor for that matter) and have this problem  resolved so I can get back to the working out challenged I posed on myself.

December Day 2

Did alright all day with the healthy eating plan...until dinner time. Hubby came home with his weekly store bought roast chicken and latkes and i resisted those yummy latkes for almost the whole meal...when my resistance wore thin and I tried one bite...which turned to two and suddenly the whole giant fried potato pancake was all gone. but it wasn't all that bad because I did keep my chicken down to 3 ounces and didn't have anything else...except one piece of challa. and since I was in bed by 9:30 I didn't have time to eat any other junk...

Today is a new day and so far I have been doing great!

December Day 1

Kept fairly well to the eating healthy plan. Ate all my vegetables and dairy servings. Did jump on the elliptical for 30 minutes and took the stairs several times today.

Last day till the last month

of the year. December first is tomorrow and it's time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions once again. Two years ago I resolved to lose the "baby weight" and I did it. That was a serious challenge but I kept at it and obtained my goal. I had some deep rooted motivation and now almost 2 years later I am going to resolve to keep up the healthy eating habits I gained while on my weight loss journey. I am also going to resolve to get more active again. I know how to eat healthily and now I must learn how to incorporate activity into my lifestyle as well. I have all the tools and knowledge but need the deep rooted motivation to filter into this part of my brain! I need to focus on the positive energy working out more will give me. I am digging deep inside me to figure out what exercise  I love best and plan to stick to it.
December is my month of personal challenge, to figure out how to incorporate activity into my life, to find a routine and schedule that work…

Update on "Party Cool"

So it turns out party cool is just another word for "dressy" Everyone showed up at the bat mitvah in suits, fancy dresses and loads of bling. (except for one of the bat mitvah girls friends-who showed up in jeans,sweater and pumas -boy did she look uncomfortable!) I am certainly glad I wore a little black dress and not a skirt and top or dress pants as I had originally thought I might!
Next event I throw that requires an explanation of dress code will simply say Fancy but NOT formal. Or perhaps something like "cocktail party attire" that sure would have helped clarify what to wear to this event!


if you were handed a cheque for $6000???
Would you spend it on yourself? Go on a shopping spree at your favourite store??
Would you use it to pay off a loan? Line of credit?
Would you purchase new appliances for your home? or play it safe and put it away for a rainy day???

Oh the possibilities!

Party Cool???

We were recently invited to a Bat Mitvah. The invite states that the dress code is "party cool" now really WTF does that mean? A few years ago we were invited to another family function at the dress code on the invite said "elegant casual"... seriously! Now I know for sure that hubby will be wearing a suit- no need to make the same mistake twice but I have no idea what I'm going to wear! I have a great dress I'd love to wear but I wore it to a wedding last year and think it might be too dressy... and the sweater dress I recently bought will probably be too i guess a shopping trip is in order! Any suggestions on what to wear when the invite says "party cool" that is really a totally new one to me!
(and really, what is with the new dress code lingo all about- just say what you mean so people actually understand what is going on!!!! )

Today I commit to...

starting all over again.

I am promising myself that today I will get back onto the healthy eating and exercising track.
I will make better choices, in both my eating and behaviour.
I will think before I act. I will look to the future before reacting in the now.

before and reality!

I find it amazing that what we think we might do before hand is often not what we end up doing at all! I never imagined being that mom. The one who got annoyed by my kids, freaked out at them and yelled at them all the time. The mom I used give dirty looks to when i was a teenager working at the grocery store. Time to learn how to deal with tantrums and kid fits without raising my voice and feeding the fire!!

Yom Kippur

The Day of Atonement, when you ask G-d to forgive you for all the sins you have committed over the past year. The day when you give up all pleasures and fast without food or water for 24 hours... the day I have always dreaded all year.
This year I am hosting the "break the fast" meal at my home, which means that I must spend most of the day cooking and cleaning my home while not eating a bite and taking care of my 2 little ones (my hubby will be at shul for more of the day than me so I'm primarily responsible for the care of the beasts)! This shall be interesting.
I am making a "simple dairy" meal which consists of nothing containing meat. The only problem is simple doesn't = easy! I still have to make a kugel or two, prepare soup, make home-made vegi pizza and a broccoli braid (using tuna instead of chicken)...then there is the cleaning! oy vey.
My last minute attempt at hiring my cleaning lady to help out didn't pan out-she of course was booked mon…

the Lazy Train

was coming... choo choo... I just haven't been up for posting, cooking, exercising or doing much these days. I don't what came over me through most of August and the first part of September but whatever it was I think it is passing.
After becoming so lazy and not exercising much, eating pretty much whatever I wanted and starting to feel like a blimp again my dear hubby decided to give me a much needed kick in the ass. He told me that I had to stop complaining and just do something about how I was feeling. I was annoyed with him at first but then really heard what he said and got right back on that elliptical. I have been working out every other day for about a week now and miraculously feel slimmer already! I only do a 30 minute workout but I adjust the settings myself using the manual mode rather than a set course which is much more challenging- I actually break a sweat- something I never usually did on the elliptical at home (probably part of the reason I gained a shit load…

still at it

keeping up with healthy habits. Took a mini-break but got back on the elliptical tonight and it felt great. I know now that if i miss a few days it doesn't mean that is the end of it- it just means it's time to start over again!!

Day 26

Got distracted with life and haven't had a chance to blog...or exercise that much for that matter!
Did start an ab work out on Sunday evening which came with a balance ball and resistance band was so hard I had to turn it off after a few minutes- that was a major blow to my ego! BUT on the other hand it was a harsh reminder that I must work on my core strength. Will get to that soon!
Last night I managed to get out for a short run. It was the perfect weather for running. Nice and cool with some breezes too. My only problem still seems to be those iPod earphones which always fall out of my ears while running. I have been meaning to go and get over the head headphones but just haven't had a chance (well i went to bestbuy and for $50 a pair i decided to leave them in the store and will try somewhere else)
As for eating well...haven't been keeping to the WW program that well but haven't gone completely over board eating crap either- just a few too many handfuls …

Monday Madness

Had a follow up doctor's appointment yesterday. She has found nothing and really no reason for the ongoing dizziness. I'll stick to the theory that my blood pressure is a little low but it's not overly serious and certainly no excuse to eat like a glutten!
Was supposed to have a new cleaning lady come yesterday. She never showed up! I was quite annoyed as I have doing most of the cleaning myself these days but it is very hard for me to keep up and the house is starting to look a little worse for wear. When I discovered this one for $8 an hour I thought my troubles had been answered  but I guess the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" holds true in this case! She had made promises of helping with laundry and cooking too! Oh well. Guess Craigslist is not the most reliable place to find a good cleaning service! IF ANYONE OUT THERE KNOWS OF OR HAS A RELIABLE CLEANING LADY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!
On the exercise front...managed t…

Feeding Frenzie

Yesterday was not a good day on the eating front. Since I've been suffering dizzy spells lately, the doctor said I have low blood pressure and should make sure to eat frequently throughout the day. I took this a little too much to heart and was eating the whole the point where I really didn't feel that great.
SOOO last night I decided to get my shoes on and run. I planned to run for as long as I could but my run was interrupted by the sight of police helicopters and police cars all over the neighborhood. I was close the end of my run when this disturbing sight caught my attention. Alls well that ends well though...the apparent abduction of a 13 year old boy was not an abduction at all but an angry dad and son dispute (thank goodness!!!)
Back to my point though...did run and felt good about it but muscles are quite sore today. Forgot to track how long I ran   (distance and time were lost in all the commotion). Didn't exercise for most of the week but I'm hopi…

Magical Garden

Our garden is doing really well. So far we have ONE cucumber. It looks like a pickle- it is small and bumpy but will likely grow to a nice size soon. It's so exciting to watch the natural growth of things!
The tomato plant is flowering nicely too. I can imagine that in a few weeks all those flowers are going to be nice juicy tomatoes for my daily salad!! Yummm...

New Week, time to get moving!

Haven't felt like posting much over the weekend. Was so busy with the kids and family stuff that I am finally getting to it!
Had a less-than-successful garage sale yesterday. We put up signs all over the neighborhood and had quite a few people drive by...and not stop! All in all the kids had a great time, we spent time together as a family and I did manage to reorganize some of our stuff as for making money...not so much! Can get less than a tank of gas with our profits but it was an experience over-all!
Later in the day we took the kids to Thornhill Pool for some family swim time. The kids had a blast and loved playing in the water. It is amazing what water-wings will do to a kids' confidence in the water! THEN we went out for my dad's birthday to Southern Rub Smokehouse.  Where we had a nice meaty dinner- definitely NOT the place for vegetarians ...the brisket was delicious smothered in smoked molasses sauce! The BBQ chicken looked yummy too!

As for my diet and exercise…

I deserve a huge whoot whoo...

Since my last weigh in on June 4th I have managed to lose 4 pounds. I was really upset last time as I was way too close to my goal weight on paper (and way more than my personal goal weight) so I have been making an effort to stick to plan, exercise daily and just live a healthy lifestyle. All my hard work has been paying off!!! I am now at 135 and am now focusing on maintaining this weight rather than losing more!!! Cross my fingers I can stick to my plan!!!

Day 6..

and still going strong. No serious workout for me yesterday but did take a nice long walk before and after a ginormous sushi dinner. Tried to stick to healthy eating during the day  in anticipation of AYCE sushi but got so hungry I snacked on a small piece of 4 cheese pizza before dinner. It was totally worth it!!

I haven't been to weigh-in in over a month and plan on going tomorrow to see if my small efforts have paid off. I will happy to have stayed the same but will be even happier to see a small loss. My weight creapt up a little over the past few months and I had a reality check at my last weigh-in...came just a little too close to my goal weight and definitely don't want it up that high! ( I set my goal weight about 10 pounds higher than my actually personal goal weight just to avoid ever having to pay for a weigh-in again!!)

On the brighter side

After the doctor's visit yesterday we went for a little retail therapy at Yorkdale. I have been wanting to go there for ages and just never get the chance. It wasn't quite as much fun toting a 5 year old boy and a 65+ mother with me as it would have been solo or with a friend but managed to look in a few stores. While browsing in Laura I noticed their amazing sale on costume jewellery, I have been searching for a necklace without much luck when my little guy pulled one off the rack and asked me to try it on...well it was awesome!!!  A long 6 strand silver chain that really looks nice with just about everything!!! My 5 year old son is a mini- fashionista! he often picks out clothes for me and they often look good! Funny thing is he picks the funniest outfits for himself and would never let us tell him to change or that he may not match! oh well- I am wearing my new necklace today with such pride!

Day Five and staying alive

This post is more about my visit with an orthopedic surgeon and less about my eating and exercise plan. Although I didn't get to work out yesterday I did stick to my eating well plan. I even took a healthy lunch with me down to Sick Kids hospital as I knew my son and I would likely be in for a long long day. It was a very long day.
We finally got down to the hospital after battling parking at the subway. I had decided to park at Yorkdale in order to avoid major traffic headaches. I didn't know the parking lot only opens at 9:30! Luckily they do start to open the gates a little earlier so we got in the lot at 9:15- but that meant we were still running late. Our appointment time was 10am. Although we did get down for 10 we didn't see the doctor till closer to 1pm! Can you imagine...they signed us in, sent us for x-rays then put us in a quite depressing room for close to 2 hours to wait to see a doctor! This is with an appointment! Anyway the first doctor came to do an asses…

Day 4

was a great success. Not only did I track every single thing I ate but I also ate very healthy meals, no nutrition less snacks and got in all my water, vegetables and milks! Then I also did a great dance step video which I really enjoyed. The steps were a little less complex then the last step video I tried and I worked up more of a sweat because I could actually do the moves instead of trying to figure out how to do them. And when my footing did get mixed up I just stayed at the basic step just to keep moving. It was pretty awesome. And it was only 25 minutes which I really really loved!!!
I am finding that the more exercise I do the more energy I actually have. I always knew that was the case but sometimes it's so hard to actually put that knowledge into practice!

Day three

Didn't do as well Sunday on the exercise front as I'd hoped but I did still manage to get in some crunches and ab work. Ate pretty well too. My little guy is now encouraging me and wants to know exactly what kind of exercise I've done the night before. I explained to him all about my personal challenge and he thought it was a great idea. I think they've been teaching him about the importance of physical activity at school and we also discussed it with his doctor at his last check up. It is so important to start a love to activity early on in life- i never had that and hope to change that for my kids!

still going

Day two of my personal challenge.
Kept to my eating fairly well. Probably didn't drink all my water and possibly didn't get as many vegetables in as I should but no serious indulgances- except for a handful of smarties while watching Hall Pass with hubby last night.
Did another dusty video. Step and was pretty good but the foot work was more advanced than i'm used to and I got kind of mixed up quite a lot through it.Will try it again- once I get through all the videos one by one!

Starting Over...again

The first of the month has come and gone...I have decided once again to start over. This time I am doing a personal challenge and hope to stick to it full and complete.
I started with yesterday, kept very close to my good eating habits, and only indulged in a few chips with guacamole at the Canada Day BBQ we attended. Definitely didn't go over board- even resisted the gelato and cake everyone was raving about. Then once I got home and kids were in bed I pulled out my box of dusty exercise videos and did a short but effective yoga for beginners. It was only 20 minutes but was enough for me to get back into the groove.

The Garden update

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely. I fed the plants with organic plant food, specifically made for vegetable growth. I wonder if it makes a difference. So far I see lots of flowering on both the tomato and cucumber plants, i assume those flowers will eventually turn to vegetables. I can hope anyway!!!
Hopefully pics will come soon!

My experiment

with vegetable gardening...
Over the weekend my son and I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers. I am so curious to see what will come of this. We (okay I) have never had success with vegetable gardening in the past. Each time I plant tomatoes I forget about them and they really do need attention and TLC in order to produce any fruit. SOO this year I am trying to remember that they need to be watered daily (actually we've been lucky so far in that the rain has been doing this for me!!!) and the also need to be fed- so i'm giving some plant/vegetable food and crossing my fingers for decent results!!! I have no idea what to expect of the cucumbers but for the $3.99 it cost to buy the plant already blooming I figured I'd try! Since I eat 1 whole cucumber a day this will really help with the grocery bills if I do see results!!!
Any tips from any gardeners out there???

My nails...updated

Well one week after my nails were done I had my first little tiny chip. I was a bit dissapointed as this gel was supposed to last at least two weeks and they weren't supposed to chip, only grow out. Two days after the first tiny chip I now have some major breakage and one whole nail has come off.
I won't be returning to Venetian for the gel manicure again. I do like their regular mani/pedis and will stick to that for a special occassion.
Although, after talking to some of my collegues I discovered that gel manicures are actually different than shellac and I am willing the actual Shellac mani at a different salon.

Something New

I have been hearing about the new Shellac/gel  manicures for months now. I really wanted to try it as my nails are usually a huge mess. Finally this week when I had some time I took the plunge to get this done. I am really impressed so far. It's been 2 days since I got them done and there is absolutely no sign of chipping. They look just as perfect now as they did when I left the salon!
There are fewer colors to choose from but since I had decided on a french anyway it really didn't matter to me!
This manicure does cost a lot more than a traditional one but if it truely lasts 14 days than it is well worth the extra $$!(I paid about $40 with tax and tip) I may just have found my solution to awful nails.

June 1st, new month, new goals

I have found myself going back to some of my old (bad) habits lately. It is so easy to slip back to being a couch potato and not exercise, eat crap and (pretend to) not care about it at all. Deep down I know I love exercising and when I get off my arse and actually do it I feel great about it. So since I have a day off work and nowhere to be till 10 am I am going to take this opportunity to Just Do It and head out for a run.
I was apprehensive about running because my toes/feet always go numb when I walk/run but after talking to my chiropractor about it she suggested taping my feet with athletic tape so that is what I've been doing and amazingly she knows what she is talking about-it has actually been helping. The problem wasn't what I thought it was but a symptom of dropped arches. My feet are pretty much completely flat and that is what has been causing me all this pain! SO once I get fitted for orthotics and wear them regularly I can run to my heart content without pain (I…


how much I love my house when I get the chance to actually clean it!!! When it is a messy, disgusting pit I hate my house but when I've had the chance to clean and polish the sofas, tables and windows I actually love this house!! I never realized how much a clean house can affect ones mood and general outlook on life! Now if only I could keep the cleaning up and not have to do "power clean sessions" as I call them (taking the day off work to clean the house from top to bottom!)
I've tried following Fly Lady and The Happy Slob's Guide to house cleaning but after a few days I always seem to revert back to my old habits- although MAYBE if I lived alone and followed these sites full of great advice, I'd be able to keep it up but living as one in a family of four when not everyone is on board with keeping  up the clean makes it hard. 
For those clean/neat freaks out there- how do you do it? Secrets please!!!

Mother's Day Updated

Mother's Day was for the most part a nice day. Hubby made yummy scrambled eggs- he makes them so well- for some reason that is one thing I just cannot get right! My kiddies and Hubby got me a mani/pedi gift certificate. He even booked it for  me so I won't delay going! I took my girl to playfun and had a really nice time with her. She made me a cute bead necklace to go along with the beautiful bracelet she made me at daycare!!
 My boy and I went for nice walk around the neighborhood dropping off birthday party invitations in the afternoon while my girl napped (for 3 whole hours!!!) On our walk we stopped and chatted with a neighbor whose son is in his class and we even had a short play session with another classmate whose mom invited us in for a bit!  I am finally starting to feel that we are part of a community rather than living on a street with neighbors I don't know!
Later in the day after my girl woke we went to the Thornhill Woods park where the kids ran around and …

Mother's Day

is coming soon. The past few years I have suggested hosting a pot luck brunch for my family and hubby's family. Restaurants are just too crazy busy and it's not really enjoyable with so many little ones to look after. My suggestions have been shot down time and time again so this year I have decided that i'm not going to bother making the suggestion and just spend mother's day with my hubby and my 2 babies (who are growing so quickly- they are hardly babies anymore!!)
Now the big question is...what to do with them that won't have me all stressed out and cursing! They are great kids and I love spending my time with them- individually but when they are together they just run me totally ragged!
A few places we've thought of going
1. the zoo. We LOVE the zoo. for the past few years we have had passes which allow us unlimited visits and we have gone many many times over the summer but I didn't renew our pass this year for financial reasons- we'll have to s…

Locks of Love

I have been growing my hair for a while now. I've had it trimmed a couple of time over the last year but decided I wanted to grow it really long. Well in the past while I started thinking that I'd actually do something nice with my hair once it grows well past my shoulders (and thought if I was bothered about my hair being too long I would have a great excuse) I am going to grow my hair for Lock of Love and donate it once it gets long enough. I am so excited to have a good cause to give to and look really forward to when my hair does grow long enough to donate!

weather woes

I am really getting depressed over this terribly cold weather. Spring came and spring went...all in a week. Now we're back to winter and it is getting to me. I hate having to bundle the kids up, look for their hats and mittens and run around like a maniac chasing them with warm sweaters.
The kids are getting tired of playing inside too. I"m not one of those parents who says " if they bundle up and dress right, they can play outside" I'm more like, if it's under 10 degrees it's too cold to go outside!
Where is the nice spring weather we are supposed to have this time of year? Please g-d give us a break and bring it on, tell Mother Nature that we will soon lose faith if she doesn't wake up soon!

Did you know???

That if  you register to receive emails from RW&Co they will send you a %25 off coupon to use the week of your birthday!!! You can use this awesome coupon during the 3 days before and 3 days after your special day. All you have to do is print it off and show photo id.  Last year I took advantage of this deal and again this year. I totally lucked out this year as their %40 off the last ticketed price sale had just started and then I had an additional %25 off! SOOO I got 4 awesome pieces for under $65 (including the taxes!) I would have bought more stuff but I was on my lunch break and it's really hard to shop big with only 30 minutes for lunch.
I bought one pair of black dress pants. They are a size bigger than I would have liked to buy but the smaller ones just looked a tad too tight. I will have to get these ones altered to fit just right.
One brown cardigan style short sleeve sweater, which I can wear over long sleeve t-shirt style tops or even over short sleeve t-shirts l…

My Birthday Wishlist

In staying with the KISS mentality when asked what I would like for my birthday I answered, A bouquet of roses. Seriously. I have never ever been given a bouquet of roses. Not for a birthday, not for university graduation not for a random surprise so that is something I would really like.
BUT if I were to get something extravagant and totally materialistic I wouldn't mind one of these few selected item. (in no particular order)

To Hell and almost back

It's my time to moan and complain... i have been suffering from the worst headache ever-since Saturday afternoon.
My whole body was aching and in more pain than i can describe. I took Tylenol and more Tylenol to no avail. finally sat night i took Tylenol 3 which helped me sleep but did not stop the headache from returning in full force Sunday morning. I have been suffering ever since. I take Advil and at the suggestion of my doctor I have been taking Robaxacet to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders but these not long term solutions. She also suggested massage, which sounds good to me but I have not been able to find the time as of yet. Hopefully Monday, as I had booked the day off to spend time with myself (happy birthday to me- massage would be a nice birthday treat if it weren't being done on prescription from the doctor to relieve major pain in the neck!)
Who knew a little stress added to tension could cause so much pain and suffering and for so long! Hope April b…

IS spring really in the air??

The winter weather is really starting to get to me. Just when I thought spring was on its way...another darn snowfall dumped the white stuff on us. I am just getting so tired of dressing the kids in their boots, coats and hats, I am tired of dressing myself in boots, coat and hat (well the hat has somehow managed to get lost somewhere in my house)
I see the spring clothes in store windows but I'm just not feeling it quite yet. Although I have noticed a few trends and styles for the spring I'll definitely be able to live with.

A viral cop-out

So my little guy was really sick the other night. He was tossing his cookies and was really upset by the nausea sensation. He had a low grade fever so I took him to the walk-in clinic where the doctor barely examined him and concluded he has a virus. I accepted this diagnosis without question because he's the professional right?
Well I remembered much later in the day that last winter I had seen that very same doctor. I'd had similar symptoms to my son, nausea, fever, sore neck and cough.That doctor dismissed what I had as a virus. The symptoms did not clear up in the 3-4 days he said they should, I went to my own doctor and sure enough I had a terrible infection in which anti-biotics were prescribed. That was the first round of 3 different anti-biotics to fight off whatever it was i had developed.
My question is, should I trust what this doctor says or do I take my son to his own regular doctor to make sure it's nothing more than a virus? Given this man's track recor…

A New Favourite

Was browsing Bath and Body works recently for a new hand cream. I have been suffering from extremely dry hands this winter and needed immediate relief. The scent-free policy in my office can make it somewhat difficult to find products that work and are not offensive to those with sensitivities. Anyway I noticed a whole stack of %50 off products and decided to give this one a try. I have had the softest hands ever since. The skin around my thumb which is normally cracked and bleeding is now healing and no longer painful. My knuckles have also stopped bleeding. I am in heaven! Off to B and B again today to stock up on this. The only reason they have this on sale now is the packaging will be changing soon and they need to get rid of their stock. At $10 a bottle, this is a real steal!!! And the scent is so light that nobody even notices...I am the only one who occasionally gets a  whiff of lemon/citrus if my hands come up near my face. Very nice!

a short rant

I was stopped at the mall yesterday by one of those hair straightener sales ladies. Normally I don't mind stopping and letting them try to sell me a new straightener. I never buy them but when they are through with their shpeel my hair usually looks pretty good. This time I told the girl I was on my short break and didn't have much time. She persuaded me to sit for a minute anyway. I did. Then while she was playing around with my hair all I could smell was strong cigarette smoke. Really, if you are working in a job touching people's hair and standing such close proximity to others why are you smoking? She absolutely reaked I actually had to hold my breath. After a minute or two I got up and told her I had to go, then muttered under my breath that she smelled too strongly like smoke for me to sit any longer. I hope she heard me.

V day...and the big return

Today was my first day back to work after a 5 week break. I was sort of looking forward to the return as being home and not doing much other than cleaning, cooking and shopping might get a little old. (although I have to admit I love the way my house looked while I was off- so clean and tidy too!)
I logged into my computer and was greeted with 300 emails to go through. I was off for 5 weeks not 5 months! I couldn't believe it! After spending most of the day reading and deleting emails I am ready for a nice romantic Valentine's Day evening with my dear hubby....well not really but one can hope! We did get my parents to babysit last night so we could go out for dinner without the kids. We went for sushi to Ginza. Not exactly a romantic choice but it was good food and the price was reasonable. After sushi we went to Indigo to browse the books. This is something we both love doing! I actually bought something and he did not- normally it's the other way around.
Just lusting a…

Looking for thoughts and feedback

My daughter was recently invited to a birthday party. I know this is nothing new nor is it exciting but the form in which she was sent the invite and some other things got me thinking. The invitation was sent via Echoage which is a nice idea but the problem here was I didn't actually receive the invite. My email accounts are set up so that almost anything sent to me via an outside source (as in not in the contact list) goes straight to junk mail and then deleted without reading (prevents a large amount of viruses on our computer) The mother of the birthday girl then sent me an email asking if we were coming to which I replied I didn't know we had been invited...altough it all worked out in the end. But that isn't the real issue here...the real issue is that invite said that in the name of the "environment" please refrain from bringing a wrapped gift and just give a donation instead. Half of what you give would be going to a charity chosen by the birthday child an…

First Day Back

I haven't  posted anything about my little man's ordeal over the last few weeks/months. Today I have decided to share.
Back in July at his 4 year check up the doctor detected a murmur.(a very diligent and skilled doctor I might add- not his usually pediatrician but a replacement who was only at that office for 2 weeks!)  He decided to send my little man for a chest x-ray, an ECG and later an ECHO. After those results came in we were referred to a pediatric cardiologist. We finally got in to see him late September (in true Ontario Medical system style). It was strongly  recommended he go for surgery to have the defect/hole closed. As this wasn't an urgent case we requested the procedure be done in January as we had a vacation booked for December, something we'd been planning since August-before we even knew he'd need surgery.
During this whole waiting period between finding out he'd need to have surgery to the actual date of the operation I was calm and confid…

A night out

We went to a wedding last night. It was FREEZING out but we still managed to get all dressed up and look pretty darn good-IMO!!
My baby cousin got married to her high school sweet heart. I mean really, she is 15 years younger than me-and I am pretty sure I babysat her once or twice!! The wedding was beautiful, the flowers and decor were top notch and the food was yummy too.
I bought a new dress for the occassion and I was really happy with my choice. The dress is made of stretchy material and fit really well. The only issue I had was the under garmet I wore. It was the same one from my own wedding 6+ years ago and it was way too big on me. I will have to look for a proper strapless bra for any upcoming occassions I may have as I can't wear that corset thing again...very uncomfortable!
Also got fab new shoes !! I am no longer a Browns Virgin. That store used to scare me as it's so expensive and the people one normally sees shopping there are not the ones I normally hobnob wi…

thank you

thank you dear neighbour who took an extra 5 minutes to snow blow my driveway the other day. It is due to good people like you I don't have complete doubt about mankind! When I thanked you over and over again you just said, Of course, we're neighbors!!!
dear jerk who decided to pass me in the oncoming traffic lane because you decided the speed limit wasn't fast enough...I really hope you arrived alive because you  acted like a maniac and gave myself and others on the road a real scare. There is no reason to drive that aggressively on a side road, in poor weather conditions!

Who Knew ???

This post deals with girlie stuff. If you are male or related to me and don't want to know details than stop reading now!

A conversation with some friends recently made me realize my desperate need for new bras.  My old standby was feeling really wrong in fit and left very large red gouges around my bust line each and every time I wore it. I decided to go for a professional bra fitting at CHANGE. This store is fairly new to Canada and one opened up a little while ago at the Promenade Mall. I had bought a nursing bra from this brand once at a speciality bra boutique and loved it. The woman working at the store measured me and I discovered (as is so often the case) that my bras were all completely the wrong size. I was wearing 34 or 36 C cups while I am really a 32 F!!!! I honestly had no idea that my bras were so off size! I had assumed I would likely be a B cup but an F cup??? I was flabbergasted! After trying on several I found 3 I loved and bought- yeah for me they were all on %…

To Discipline or not...that is the question

What does one do when one is with another person's kid and that kid throws the biggest fit one has ever seen? EVER???
We took the boy to see Disney on Ice today. We also took another child-whom I will call guest. They both really really enjoyed the show. They were completely mesmerized and impossible to distract while the show was happening. It was lovely. They were enjoying their $7 popcorn each, they had juice and cheese strings. All was going really well. Guest asked me if we could go look at the toys for sale. I said fine we could LOOK but not buy.
Then the trouble started. Guest decided she wanted to buy one of  the toys for sale.  We said no way. The items were all stupidly over priced and if she got something then we would have to buy a piece of junk for our son. That was not going to happen. Her lip started to pout, her eyes started to swell and the tears began, quietly at first, then when we just ignored her she started wailing. I mean screaming and crying to the point th…