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trend or foe

I love looking at what people are wearing. I especially like to see how some people pull off certain trends and how some people shouldn't attempt them.
There are a few trends out there now that I'm not sure about.
1. The over the knee boot. Sometimes really cool, funky and classy-most times really trashy and hookerish. Kate Moss is super skinny and they just look like sticks on her legs-ugh! (image is not mine Obviously)

2. The long cardigan. I love sweaters. LOVE THEM. but i'm not sure they are really that flattering. They really have to worn with caution as they could cause one to look really bulky and kind of larger than they really are. The super long ones don't really flatter the shorter woman and at 5'4" I would consider myself on the short end of the spectrum. This one is super pretty but i imagine that combining the length with the ruffles would be real overkill and really unflattering! Too bad!

3. The kerchief tie sweater. They can be pretty but they ca…

Like OMG...

tonight's gonna be a good night, tonight's gonna be a good good night...i have this song in my head and have been singing it all if only today was a good good day!!
Today was most definitely one of those days where I should have stayed home and stayed in bed. It all started about 4 this morning when my little man started calling me to come quickly to his room...of course I jumped out of bed and ran to him worried he might be sick or that he'd had a bad dream..nope he says "mommy I'm HUNGRY" I said "honey it's still night time you can't eat breakfast now" "BUT MOMMM I HUNGRY" Thus went the trekk of him, blanky, teddy and dolly all to our bed. We all squished into the small queen sized bed, along with daddy of course. Sleep from that point forward wasn't really in cards, except we all managed to sleep till 7am (which NEVER happens on weekends BTW). I managed to scramble, get dressed and put on a tiny bit of makeup (which…


after using the same bedroom set my parents bought me for the my 13th birthday for YEARS...we finally decided it was time to invest in new furniture. It was a hard choice and we looked at tonnes and tonnes of sets. We finally decided on a traditional set that will last us forever and will never go out of style-and even if it does OH WELL!!
I also decided that I was going to get proper bedding to go along with our new "adult" set...i loved it in the store but am not so sure I love it is kind of shiny and hot, plus i'm finding that little things snag on it UGH!!