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Deal or NO Deal

My mom and I love watching this show then talking to each other about the contestants...each time I watch I wonder to myself "would I stop at this point or would I just take one more risk???"
This show is all about doubt, risk and of course greed. How many times has the contestant actually gone as far as to lose everything because of pure greed or just plain stupidly BUT on the other hand sometimes the contestant caves in and takes the deal only to discover that if they had just opened one more case they may have doubled their money or taken home the big prize...what would you do if given the chance to make a Deal or No Deal????

I've been tagged AGAIN!!

...this time by Jill
The ABC meme...
A - Available/single? Married almost 2 years.
B - Best Friend? Jill She knows WAY too much about me :)
C- Cake or Pie? hmm cake- apple or pie pecan!
D - Drink Of Choice? coffee or peach shnapps and cranberry
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? toothpaste
F - Favorite Color? ruby red
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? bears
H - Hometown? Toronto, Ontario.
I - Indulgence? the occassional Second Cup latte
J - January Or February? January.
K - Kids & Their Names? 1 kid, Elie Reese
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? sunshine
M - Marriage Date? December 19 2004.
N - Number Of Siblings? 1 brother.
O - Oranges Or Apples? depends on my mood- usually apples
P - Phobias/Fears? fear of getting breast cancer. fear of larva
Q - Favorite Quote? No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt, R - Reason to Smile - looking at my little boy everyday!!
S - Season? fall
T - Tag Three or Four People? MommyMar, Danielle , Gavin
U - Unknown Fact About Me? i have cut my ow…

a blast from the past

This idea was taken from Chrissy
The idea is to HIGHLIGHT the songs you liked from your last year of high school and to xxx off the ones you didn't like (in this case the list is the TOP 100 songs from 1992)
1. End Of The Road, Boyz II Men xxx
2. Baby Got Back, Sir Mix A-lot
3. Jump, Kris Kross
4. Save The Best For Last, Vanessa Williams
5. Baby-Baby-Baby, TLC
6. Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton
7. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It), En Vogue
8. Under The Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. All 4 Love, Color Me Badd
10. Just Another Day, Jon Secada
11. I Love Your Smile, Shanice
12. To Be With You, Mr. Big
13. I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred xxx
14. Black Or White, Michael Jackson xxx
15. Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus xxx
16. I'll Be There, Mariah Carey
17. November Rain, Guns N' Roses
18. Life Is A Highway, Tom Cochrane
19. Remember The Time, Michael Jackson
20. Finally, CeCe Peniston
21. This Used To Be My Playground, Madonna
22. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, Patty Smyth

fashion meme

Fashion Meme
Thanks to Curiosity Killer

What's your hair colour: blonde.
Your skin tone (see chart): pallor caucasion
Your eye colour: blue
Your favorite fashion colour (to wear): I like red or white around my face, on the bottom i prefer black or brown Tell us about your personal style: i would have to say classic. I like a good fitting pair of jeans with a taylored sweater or (I used to wear) button down shirts What's your favorite designer/brand? This is a hard one- i don't buy designers but I do like the GAP...what can i say?!?! What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe? i have a really pretty brown skirt i bought at RW, i love that is has a small ruffle at the bottom and a gathering in the back- it reminds me of something Stacy London might wear What do you usually buy? clothes these days...JEANS and t-shirts are my wardrobe s…

Some silly things I think about...

lately i have been noticing that some things really bother me to the point that i need to rant a little...

1) why do shampoo companies make the conditioner bottles smaller than the shampoo...i ALWAYS run out of conditioner before shampoo and then when the bottle is smaller I need to open a new conditioner bottle thus starting the cycle over again...

2) DOVE soap is wonderful, it conditions the skin, leaves it soft BUT the bar melts all over the does one stop the mess that occurs from this melting bar soap?!?!

3) the new flip top toothpaste tubes are great, they reduce the messy clumps of dried paste BUT the tops are made with such flimsy plastic that the top almost always breaks before the tube is done, thus defeating the whole benefit

4) Why are spray bottles designed so that the consumers cannot use the last bit of product?? Have you ever noticed that you cannot possibly spray every last ounce out of the bottle??? FRUSTRATING!!!

5) my last annoyance for today...the paper cups…

How I met your father

Nowadays it is no longer "taboo" to have met on the internet. It is actually kind of cool and very common place as it is becoming harder and harder to meet people in the "real world". I was thinking about all the trial and tribulations I had while searching for my beshert and I couldn't help laughing at all the doosies i had, and of course all the "nice guys" i had met before meeting my sweety pie. When my son is old enough to ask and wonder about how his parents met I will not be embarassed in the least to tell him the truth about how we met.
I know several people who concocted stories about how they met their sig-o's because they were ashamed or embarrased to admit they used internet dating services...boy have times changed!!
Just my thoughts on this subject...silly but mine!!

i think got it

Okay i have been figuring this out and I think i got it....i didn't realize that anything i had added before would be i've been slowly re-inputting all the links and such- will get it eventually!

what the heck!?!?

okay i'm completely frustrated!! I am trying to figure out how to get my blog back to normal form and it is a complete mess now...the title is in the wrong spot, the links i created are all down at the bottom of my page and I don't know how to fix it...anyone HELP!!!!


Sunday evening Gavin and I ventured out without the little guy. We went to a beautiful wedding at Casa Loma. It was the first time I'd been to an event at the castle and I have to say the room where the ceremony took place was absolutely stunning. The dining room (which really is the library) was a little crowded and there was no "head table" the way we are used to seeing one, just a small table for the bride and groom and two round tables on either side for the brides' family and one for the grooms' family.
Regardless it was awsome and we had a great time.
Here are some photos of the evening:

The brides' BIL Ben and nephew Sam

The groom-in tails!!

Lisa and Eliot

all about me

Stolen from Jill
First name? Dina
Were you named after anyone? Yes, my paternal grandmother Dora.
When did you last cry?earlier today-but only because i was chopping onions to make chili...oh and on Thursday as I had a terrible headache i couldnt get rid of
Do you like your handwriting? I like my printing but not the writing.
What is your favorite lunchmeat? i love pastrami but don't eat it much (very bad for you)
If you were another person, would you be friends with you? that's a hard one, since i know my bad qualities...but probably yes,
Do you have a journal? this blog is supposed to do the job of journal- i stopped keeping a journal after my mother found and read my last one
Do you still have your tonsils? i do
Would you bungee jump? I DON'T THINK SO!!
What is your favorite cereal? raison bran
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? sometimes
Do you think you’re strong? when i have to be
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? coffee, with chocolate flakes
Shoe size? 7.5