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Happy Halloween!!!

When i was a kid we would get hundreds of kids at our door trick or treating. As the years went by we started getting fewer and fewer kids coming. Then we had's been many years since we needed to hand out candy on Halloween! I guess that has something to do with the fact that most people in my neighborhood were extremely orthodox and do not condone celebrating this "pagan" ritual. I think this is just a fun innocent reason for kids to dress up and have a good time! Unfortunately there are some nuts out there so everyone has to make sure they are safe...check your treats before you eat and of course- Have a fun, safe and entertaining Halloween!!

good bye to tradition

A favourite Toronto tradition is in it's last year. After 84 years the Hadassah-WIZO Bazaar is finally waving good-bye. This annual shopping tradition for many is something I personally have never been to but am going to attempt today. I will never get another chance!
I know the crowds start early but after much debate mom and I decided that leaving the house at 7 am and heading downtown to wait in line outside with baby was not a good idea...if i miss my chance to get the good stuff...OH WELL!! at least i can say i have been and maybe i won't be tempted to spend as much mula if the good stuff is gone :)
...wish me luck...i'm am hoping to score a pair of boots and a new bag, and of course some stuff for E and M :)

do your homework!

I have never been one to do homework. Back in school i kind a' sort a' did my research and homework. I would really rely on others for help and always managed to get by...even managed through university this way!!
Now that i'm a mom i have realized just how important doing homework really is. There are many many baby products on the market and so many important choices to make. I have relied somewhat on the experience of others to guide me through what to buy and what to avoid. Unfortunately i have had to learn for myself that some products just don't work for me or don't have all the features i need or want. Strollers, car seats, baby carriers, toys and even choices on furniture to be is NOT always better and what worked for one mom most definitely doesn't work for all moms.
Most recently i have been searching for a double stroller. I bought the Peg Aria Twin on the recommendation of a friend and was really unhappy with it. The basket sagged, the w…