Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Just a Vent...

The other day i was at the gas station filling up when a car pulled in to the pump next to mine. It was a fairly recent model Mercedes with all the trimmings, nice shiny rims, flashy skirt and modern detailing. That car cost big bucks...the only problem was the 3 year old bouncing around in back seat WITH NO CAR SEAT IN SIGHT. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this kid jumping around the back seat, up closer observation i realized there was no car seat installed in this car at all. I don't know if the car belonged to the kid's parents or if she was just a passenger in someone elses car but there is absolutely no excuse to risk the life of an innocent child by not restraining her in a car seat (or at the very least a booster seat).
I was so angry but I couldn't bring myself to say anything as one never knows these days who is holding what weapon or just how defensive and angry the recipient of my nasty words will get. I just let it go and drove off shaking my head in disbelief and praying that car wasn't in some horrible accident where surely that little girl would be seriously hurt...
What can you do in a situation like that? Would you have said something???

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I'm back...

at least for today !! I can't believe a whole month has passed and I haven't committed to one blog entry...where does the time go??? OHHH I know...it's been so hectic with trying to get the house ready for the newest addition...our nursery is STILL an office, with just a few less books to contend with...we have no place for the baby to sleep yet- unless letting her sleep in a pack 'n play is seen as acceptable...(of course we do have a bassinet that she can use, but if she is anything like DS she won't want to stay in that for very long-he only used it for 6 weeks, glad it was a gift and we didn't fork out the $200 bucks for it!!!)

We have made some progress though, we picked out paint and a border for the room. We do know where the furniture will go, once we actually order it! and i have a couple of sleepers ready for bringing the home.
Things we still need:
change table
double stroller
book shelf
...and the list goes on!!

alright maybe since i have taken today off (as a "rest" day) i should get a move on and actually work on the things that need to be done!!!


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