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how much I love my house when I get the chance to actually clean it!!! When it is a messy, disgusting pit I hate my house but when I've had the chance to clean and polish the sofas, tables and windows I actually love this house!! I never realized how much a clean house can affect ones mood and general outlook on life! Now if only I could keep the cleaning up and not have to do "power clean sessions" as I call them (taking the day off work to clean the house from top to bottom!)
I've tried following Fly Lady and The Happy Slob's Guide to house cleaning but after a few days I always seem to revert back to my old habits- although MAYBE if I lived alone and followed these sites full of great advice, I'd be able to keep it up but living as one in a family of four when not everyone is on board with keeping  up the clean makes it hard. 
For those clean/neat freaks out there- how do you do it? Secrets please!!!

Mother's Day Updated

Mother's Day was for the most part a nice day. Hubby made yummy scrambled eggs- he makes them so well- for some reason that is one thing I just cannot get right! My kiddies and Hubby got me a mani/pedi gift certificate. He even booked it for  me so I won't delay going! I took my girl to playfun and had a really nice time with her. She made me a cute bead necklace to go along with the beautiful bracelet she made me at daycare!!
 My boy and I went for nice walk around the neighborhood dropping off birthday party invitations in the afternoon while my girl napped (for 3 whole hours!!!) On our walk we stopped and chatted with a neighbor whose son is in his class and we even had a short play session with another classmate whose mom invited us in for a bit!  I am finally starting to feel that we are part of a community rather than living on a street with neighbors I don't know!
Later in the day after my girl woke we went to the Thornhill Woods park where the kids ran around and …

Mother's Day

is coming soon. The past few years I have suggested hosting a pot luck brunch for my family and hubby's family. Restaurants are just too crazy busy and it's not really enjoyable with so many little ones to look after. My suggestions have been shot down time and time again so this year I have decided that i'm not going to bother making the suggestion and just spend mother's day with my hubby and my 2 babies (who are growing so quickly- they are hardly babies anymore!!)
Now the big question is...what to do with them that won't have me all stressed out and cursing! They are great kids and I love spending my time with them- individually but when they are together they just run me totally ragged!
A few places we've thought of going
1. the zoo. We LOVE the zoo. for the past few years we have had passes which allow us unlimited visits and we have gone many many times over the summer but I didn't renew our pass this year for financial reasons- we'll have to s…