Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's a comin'

Every year I debate the resolution thing... this year I decided I'm not going to resolve for anything since overall I am happy with what I have and where I'm at. I have realized that although I am not the big powerful executive or corporate lawyer I had wanted to be I am in a job that is well suited for who I am. My husband is a teacher and is income is fair. He doesn't earn huge money but he is a very hands on father and an awesome husband. He is so supportive and understanding. He brings rational and balance at times when I don't! So I don't live in the big fancy house, nor do I drive expensive cars but I have everything I could really need. Of course more money would come in handy but I know that if we continue on the path we are on we will be fine in the long run. I will however make small changes in my life that hopefully will have a positive effect on all those around me. I will surround myself with positivity. I find that negativity is not healthy for me. It makes me feel sad and angry, while these feelings are normal on occasion there is no need to immerse myself in it.


2015 came and went and I didn't blog even once... Not that I didn't have anything to say but only because I had too many things going on I put my blog on hold. I hope that 2016 will resurrect my love of writing and get me back to the keyboard! I will start off with an old favourite in blog-postings... my new years resolutions! I have tried for several years not to set impossible goals and to keep them to myself, not making them public makes it much easier to break them though. SO here I go... 1) I resolve to make my own fun. I have noticed for quite some time that I find myself often bored or distracted, wishing I were somewhere else or hoping that something "fun" would happen. This year instead of waiting for the fun to come to me, I am going to try and make my own. This means that when I'm sitting at a get together and things are super mellow/quiet maybe put on music and try to get others to dance, read more and stay more in touch with what is going on in the world, that way I can contribute more the conversation and actually know what I'm talking about. - essentially forming opinions based on my own knowledge/understanding rather than just nodding my head and agreeing without actually having any clue. Finding more interests. Photography, knitting, dancing...whatever. 2) I want to keep positive people in my life. I met a wonderful group of women on my Israel trip and we really bonded so well. Some of them have become like sisters to me and their presence in my life is so amazingly inspirational. I can only learn from them and want to try hard (well not too hard) to see them often as their friendships are really important to me. We just seem share such similar values and interests I can't believe our paths had not crossed earlier! Feels like we've known each other for ever! 3) This is a hard one. I hope to yell less. I get frustrated with my family often and just didn't seem to possess the coping skills to deal with them without yelling. I am trying very hard to keep my cool, not scream and talk to them with love but firmness. I promised them that each time I do lapse I will put a dollar in a jar. I hope to have no money in that jar but reality is I am sure that I will have to really work hard on this one. 4) FACEBOOK. I am taking a break from Facebook. I am not making a big announcement and exiting with drama, just quietly sitting back and posting less, privatizing more and removing myself from many conversations. I can't delete my account as I belong to some groups that I need access to but overall I think i'm pretty much done with social media (of course it has it's positives and has been a great resource for a lot of things and can be very helpful but there are a number of negatives which can't outweigh the positives.)

makeup makeover

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