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book meme

One book that changed your life: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. This book taught me to enjoy every moment of your life. Do not take life for granted
One book you read more than once: the oxford english dictionary- i read that one all the time and seem to go over the same spots over and over again
One book you want on a desert island: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. This book is so dense and full of detail it could take me a long while to read and there is so much to think about it would keep me occupied for a while!
One book that made you cry: The Girls by Lori Lansens. The story of conjoined twins who overcome huge obstacles and live suprisingly seperate lives despite never leaving each others side.
One book that made you laugh: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I love this trashy sort of book- i especially laugh because I don't know how anyone could get into so much financial trouble by shopping!! I mean have some self control!!!
One book you wish would have …

Postcards from the Mothership

Postcards from the Mothership
i agree with allowing women to nurse babies anywhere they need to as babies must eat BUT I'm not sure this woman was discriminated against. She was not asked to but her boob away and stop breastfeeding, she was told that she cannot bring her baby to the class PERIOD. She probably should have inquired prior to the registration about whether or not she could bring the baby to class. Perhaps there was a safety issue or health concern ( this is a pottery class, maybe there are fumes and possible toxins in the air)
Of course she has a right to nurse her baby anywhere she needs to but this is not the real issue here-the issue is whether or not the baby is welcome in the class at all...

we've been tagged...

3 Things That Scare Me
*brinkley barks
*loud noised
*the milk drying up
3 People That Make Me Laugh
3 Things I Love
*bath time
3 Things I Hate
*a dirty diaper
*loud noises
*when mommy drinks too much caffeine
3 Things I Don't Understand
*why crying is not the best form of communication
*why I MUST take naps
*why i have to wear those dreaded onesies!
3 Things On My Desk/Table (or blanket)
*my blue rattle
*a picture of mommy and daddy
*my photo album
3 Things I Am Doing Right Now
*dreaming of milk
*looking very cute
3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
*taste something other than milk
*make my mommy and daddy proud
*discover a new physics theorum
3 Things I Can Do
*eat my fists
*make "talking" noises
3 Things I Can't Do
*talk in adult language
*eat solids
3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
*baby einstein CD's
*my cooing noises
*CHUM FM 104.5
3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
*Marilyn Manson
*Culture Club
*Settler Radio
3 Absolute Favorite Foods


On my search to feeling human again I have discovered a few interesting things...firstly, putting on jeans rather than sweats can make a person feel like a participating member of society, second, a little mascara and/or eye shadow makes all the difference in the world to how a woman looks and finally one teeny weeny pair of earings can make me feel pretty as opposed to frumpy...i can be wearing the same jeans and t-shirt but put on a pair of earings and WOWSA...i feel normal again!! I am going to have to invest in a few more shorter pairs as my little guy has discovered pulling on my long earings and boy does he have a grip!!!


Yesterday I took a trip downtown. After walking around Yorkville for a while I decided to check out the new Winner's on Bloor. There was so much controversy and hooplah made about this store opening in this location I needed to check it out. Well this store is not your typical Winners! The first indication that things are different here was when I looked at a beautiful purse by TOD'S and discovered the $1200 price tag staring back at jaw hit the floor! The next item in question was a stunning wool coat (name brand i'm sure) with a price of $999.99 (why bother with the .99 at this point?!?!) I also came across loads of shoes in the +$200 range...I'm just prepared to spend that kind of money at Winner's of all places... and Winner's is supposed to be affordable...i guess affordable is a relative word.
we went to a wedding last night and after agonizing about what on earth to wear I decided that i would get a body "slimmer" to put on under my dress rather than buying a new dress....well after spending a small fortune on the DD full peice body armour I have decided that I would have been better off just getting a new dress....oh well I can always wear it after the next baby (but hopefully i won't gain 1/2 as much weight next time as i did this time)
anyway here is a pic from last night...

some new pet peeves

Since becoming a mom i have developed new pet are a few of them

1) strangers who think they can give you parenting advice. I don't want or need advice from the woman working at the Winners fitting room on whether or not my baby is hungry, or on how to hold my baby

2) impatient drivers who honk or follow too closely- CAN'T they see I have a baby on board sign displayed in my window and don't they care??

3) people who think they can just touch my baby without asking or wasing their hands- i'm talking about strangers in stores or little kids who may be covered in germs (the parents of which don't bother to tell them to stay clear or look and not touch)

4) MORE TO COME...have a case of baby brain and I can't think of the others right now