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Yet another Mazel Tov...

Fancy and her husband had another beautiful baby girl this morning. Baby Girl joined the world bright and early this morning :)
I can't wait to meet her :)

Mazel Tov

My brother and his wife just had their first baby. Baby Boy arrived just after 4 am and I am very excited to meet my little nephew!!!

busy yet bored

i try to keep busy. Having a baby to care for all day keeps me really busy but for some reason the past few weeks i have felt this terrible boredom itch. I take the baby to music class once a week, we go to yoga and have playdates with friends but i still find myself alone with my own thoughts more than i would like. Those times when she is napping and i should be cleaning or cooking or doing laundry, updating my scrapbook etc...i am just bored, lazy or a little depressed...could it be the lack of sunshine?? Could it be that i am too tired to do things but not tired enough to sleep during the day?


after searching and searching for almost 2 years for new boots (yes that is how long i have been browsing the stores and looking for new boots-nuts- i do realize) I have FINALLY found the perfect pair of new black boots. Yesterday FP and I took a trip to the Mall and i found my pair at the Bay of all places. Of course the fact that they were %30 off and I had a $50 gift card helped make my decision to buy a little easier ;)

I couldn't find an exact picture of them online but these are them in the "taller" version. I have heard of Timberland before but never really paid much attention to them- i am so glad i tried them on!! I'm so happy, so happy i will have dry feet...i even sprayed them the moment I got home to help protect them :)

Another awesome purchase lately was this bag. After admiring it for TWO YEARS and never wanting to spend the $$ on it...i finally took the plunge and cannot be happier. I know it will last me FOREVER, as ROOTS purses do last a long lo…

if dreams came true..

this bag would be mine...
but at this price...well i'd rather pay the mortgage!!

December Doings...

This year December actually means a lot more to me than normal...there are so many exciting things going on!
First- we are just waiting for my nephew to be born...he is due on Dec 17th but could come any time now!! I CANNOT wait to meet the little guy!! and I am super duper excited to hold a newborn again. I know my baby is only 5 1/2 months but I already miss the "newborn snuggle".
Second- Fancy Pansy is having her baby too!! I am really really excited for her- and again i cannot wait to snuggle with a wee one again!! and of course i'm so happy that her baby and my baby will be born in the same calander year making them both in the same grade. (i'm secretly hoping it is another girl so that they can be great friends too)
Our anniversary is also coming up...4 years of marital bliss. Oh how much we have done in these 4 years!! 2 beautiful babies...a couple of new cars and hopefully a new house one of these days!

And this year I thought it would be nice to start a family t…