Monday, 31 May 2010

to run or not...

that is they question. I used to run- well i ran for one summer and completed a 10 k back then. It was really awesome and I was really proud of myself. The problem is I haven't run since. I tried to run with my husband a few years ago but he complained I was going too slow for him and he wasn't getting a proper workout so that ended before it really began.
Then there was the issue with my shoes. For years I thought I had some condition that would be revealed under the supervision of a specialist. I was scared to mention it to my doctor, I just grit my teeth and endured....the numbness of my toes. Yes my toes were going numb every time I put on my running shoes. I had no idea what the problem was, i even bought shoes a 1/2 size bigger trying to alleviate the problem. Then one day it hit me- I was doing up the darn shoes too tight. I pulled the laces to tight that I was almost cutting circulation from my feet! How DUMB!!!
So now I don't pull the laces as tight, which is great but they are constantly undoing mid-exercise session- damn if you do, damn if you don't!!!

I have been following a blog written by a woman who started running a short time ago and has now completed her first 1/2 marathon. It is amazing to read about her transformations both physically and psychologically. She has lost oodles of weight and has started a long term addiction (to hear her describe it anyway)
I'm not sure I could have as much dedication as she does but maybe I can get a little motivation and inspiration from Alice at mommy Blog.
Maybe tonight I'll just kick myself in the arse and get my shoes on and GO!! as NIKE says, JUST DO IT!!!!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

a walk down memory lane

Just recently I started thinking back to the days I spent as an Engrish teacher in Korea. I never loved the teaching much but the food left a permanent mark on my heart. I just adore delicious Kimchi and almost all the chigae's (soups/stews). I can't walk past a Korean BBQ restaurant without my mouth watering!
But for some strange reason the thing I have been missing most about the food are those crazy, unhealthy, super duper delish fried egg sandwiches. It was like heaven to scarf down one or two of these after a night of drinking soju kettles at Polly's. I wonder if I could stomach one of those nowadays?!?!
One day when i'm feeling like really cheating on my WW plan I'm going to attempt to make one of those bready, eggy,buttery delicacies!
Another thing I have been craving recently is that "fish on a stick" i can't remember what it is called. but boy was it gooood!!! i thing it is odeng or udan or something along those lines. It is also mixed in with Tuk Boki occassionally and that is also something I could definitely have one day soon-- spicy yummy rice cake goodness!
Years ago someone bought me a korean cookbook and i have never once used it. Maybe i'll dig it out and try my hand at some of those foods I loved so much!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

what's old is new again

As i've mentioned before, i have been holding on to a BIG huge box of old, much smaller clothing in the hopes that one day I'd fit into them again. Well that day has finally come (well for some of it-some is still too small and will likely never fit again)
I pulled out a few pairs (okay 10 pairs) of pants that I really wanted to wear again AND today I am!! I bought these black casuals pants in the summer of 2003 (that is the same summer I met my Hubby!!) and have not worn them since around 2004- they are fairly newish in that respect! and unlike my old jeans which i now really dislike, these pants are awesome!!! I am not usually into hanging onto old clothes but for some reason I just couldn't donate these pants (and the 9 other pairs) so now I have a whole new wardrobe for summer :)
The one thing that doesn't fit and I would really really love to wear again is the LBD I wore to our engagement party- i can put it on and I can even zip it up but it is really way tighter than it is supposed to be as I'm sure that my weight distribution really changed after 6 years and 2 babies!! (and getting closer to 40 than 30 probably has something to do with it too!!)
Even though I gained at my last weigh in (.6 pounds) I can still fit into my "new" pants and am happy with that!!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

summer is coming

well at least it is coming in theory anyway. As it stands right now the weather is too cold and damp to even conceive of summer being here soon. BUT we are still making plans! I booked 2 seperate weeks off and we have been trying to decide on what to do for our first week. The first choice was rent a cottage for a few days with another family. We did this last year and had fun for the most part- the only problem was the cottage we rented was so old and dirty we actually decided to leave after 2 nights instead of staying the planned 3! We looked into renting one at this same cottage resort again but since all the old cottages were torn down and replaced with nice new luxery ones they are all booked up. Our second choice for the week is going to Great Wolf Lodge. I think that would be great fun. Not so sure it is appropriate for my will be 2 year old but the other kids would love it i'm sure! Seems that we will run into lots of people there as 1/2 of the "hood" goes there on any given weekend! We'll have to decide pretty soon!
My second week off is later in the summer and just to be nice, i'm going to give hubby a break from me and the kids by taking a road trip with Dani and her 2 kiddos to visit Chrissy. The 3 of us used to live together back in our 20's and it will be an interesting reunion. Now that we have hubby's and kids of our own I'm pretty sure the focus of our visit won't be sitting around with Smirnoff Ice but rather chocolate milks in sippy cups! I'm pretty excited for the visit but am having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are going to be in a minivan with 4 yes FOUR kids under the age of 5. The thought actually gives me a headache but hopefully they will all entertain themselves and having more kids than normal will be a blessing! Thank goodness Dani has a built in DVD player in her car!

Looking forward on both occassions to building wonderful memories!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


It has been a while since my last post. Life just seems to get in the way of my blogging sometimes!
The past few weeks have been hectic and chaotic, filled with too much drama for one person/family to handle. We had some family drama/uproar which took a toll on both hubby and me, then some sad news about the death of a friend which has been on my mind since. Luckily the uproar has settled as everyone has realized what is important in life and we need to focus on that rather than silly things.
In spite of all the drama I have managed to stay on track regarding my health plan and weight loss journey. I am really super close to my goal which i finally set at 140 pounds. This weight will not make me "skinny" but a healthy, not obese woman. I cannot imagine being able to maintain a weight of less than 140 pounds. I had wanted to reach my wedding day weight of 135 but have to stay realistic so 140 it is!! Amazing that at 37 years old 5 pounds can make such a huge difference! I have the eating well plan down pat but the regular exercise is still a bit of a struggle. I have been going to zumba once a week which is awesome and I take the stairs up to my 5th floor office at least 3 times per day BUT I need to workout more often and more vigourously still. Once i get a routine for working out in I think I'll get to my goal more easily and also maintain this weight as well.
As a joke or something I decided to try on the capri jeans I've been saving since my honeymoon. They fit. But after being my absolute favourite for YEARS (i bought them in 2001 and wore them last on my honeymoon in 2004) I now HATE them. They are ugly. The colour is all wrong, the cut outdated and now I can safely put them in the bag of clothes i'm going to be donating shortly to Goodwill! I wonder if this is going to happen to all the jeans/clothes i've been saving for the past 5 years!

makeup makeover

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