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judgement calls

The other day i met up with a very old friend. We are so different and I am always a little surprised we have remained friends over the past 20 years. But i guess our differences make for interesting conversations...or at least interesting to talk about afterwards with my dear husband!
During this particular visit our conversation was slightly dull as i listened (once again) to her chatter on and on about her own kids, the kids she will be working this year and her hatred of patterned clothing. Then we spoke briefly about someone i just recently met and whom she has known for years. She said something about this woman that got me thinking.... she told me she doesn't like the other lady because she's happy being fat. i was slightly dumbfounded by this comment and just let it go.
but it got me thinking. why should it matter to someone whether or not another person is happy with who they are, thin or not? I think it's quite admirable that this new friend of mine is so confi…

fourty not frumpy

Before turning 40 i was really scared for what was to come. i had always thought of 40 as being the turning point in a downward spiral towards the end...or just "over the hill"
Now that i am 40 i feel that I'm 40 but not frumpy. unlike so many of the women i know around my age i want to be fabulous and fashionable. I don't want to let my age deter me from looking great, rocking high heals and bikinis. i refuse to wear tankinis with skirt bottoms and "sensible shoes".
i don't always have my nails done nicely but i never (ever) leave my house without mascara and lip gloss.
In my pursuit of fabulousness i have recently picked up these great treasures....