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The Peoples Princess

It hard to believe it has been 10 years passed since Diana Princess of Whales was killed so tragically. I will always remember the day Diana died. It was a warm sunny day in Korea where I was living at the time. I called my girlfried to find out what was up for that day and she immediately told me the news of Diana's death. I just couldn't believe it.

Her poor boys (well not poor in monetary sense of the word but to lose a mother is horrible no matter who you are or how rich your family is) I felt for them. They had worshipped their mother and adored them.

Harry's eulogy was spoken so eloquently and passionately it brought tears to my eyes. I can only hope that my son will remember me that way when I die...
Eulogy for Diana
The text of Prince Harry’s eulogy for his mother, delivered Friday at a memorial service in London:
William and I can separate life into two parts. There were those years when we were blessed with the physical presence beside us of both our mother and father…

wonderful time of year

I love late summer...aside from the glorious weather (with the exception of this strange weather we're having now of course) the shopping is so abundant. Loads of amazing sales and deals to be had!!! Yesterday I decided to be a great, wonderful, awesome wife AND do a little (well A LOT) of shopping for hubby. I went to GAP and got him a savvy red, pinstrip button down for %50 off!!! It just looks so sharp!
Then off to MEXX I went...I never usually venture into this store but the huge sales signs in the window lured me in. Everything was on sale and then an additional %25 off that!! I got hubs a striped black shirt, a sauve blue dress shirt and 2 stylin' t-shirts!
He was so impressed with my purchases he told me I can shop for him anytime!!!

Today it's shopping the sales racks for me!!! Wish me luck!!

update on my newest toy...

well i was quite dissapointed with my CHI purchase. It stopped working after 2 days so i shipped it back to the seller and it is being replaced with a new one. I really hope this doesn't happen again as the savings I incurred by purchasing it online will have been eaten up with return shipping costs!! ARGH....i did a little research and noticed that quite a number of people who have purchased the CHI online received duds like i did!!! strange-don't ya think??? perhaps this kind of purchase is best done at a reputable retailer at retail prices just for consumer protection!!!

my newest toy...

I have less time than ever to get ready in the mornings so i have taken to showering before bed and just straightening my hair in the morning. This saves me a good 30 minutes as a 10 minute shower and 20 minutes blow drying my hair are unavoidable.
I asked around, read some reviews, checked out prices and decided to try my luck at getting this CHI on ebay. My first 3 or 4 attempts at bidding failed as i was outbid by an average of $2!!! SOO I finally managed to start bidding about 2 minutes before the auction ended and won!!!
So far I am not ecstatic about the CHI. I tried it before bed and got reasonable results. I used it again in the morning and the results were a little better. I just don't see how this thing could straighten really curly hair or if it does work to do this it would take a really long time! I thought, given the great reviews of this CHI, that I would have stick straight smooth hair in just moments- i didn't! I had to pull my hair through peice by peice about …

mamma does know best!!!

When I was a teenager I honestly believed my mom didn't know a thing. I swore up and down that she was just too old to know anything about how young people acted. I fought with her on many issues, always insisting I knew the truth/real answer. It was not until i reached some form of maturity that i realized how much mom really knows!!

Mom used to tell me over and over again that I needed to watch my behaviour and actions because everything I did had a direct impact on either myself or my family. I thought she was nuts! Now I realize just how true her words were. She said "everyone knows everyone" and that your behaviour will follow you. Boy was she right. With the Facebook Phenomenon I can see how many people know each other. Nothing can be kept a secret these days!! AND it is so easy to find out information on people with just a few clicks of the mouse...i was able to find some personal information of a few people, just based on their status comments on facebook!!(as an …

a few fashion mistakes more than a few people make

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I am not a fashion goddess, nor do I pretend to be BUT I do feel that i have a decent sense of style and I know what looks good, what is appropriate and what definitely looks bad.
Lately I have been noticing fashion more often than I had in past, this could be for a variety of reasons but mostly i think it's due to the fact that I'll be returning to the work force really soon and will need to get dressed in more than just sweats and t-shirts.

These are some things I have noticed which really bother me...

1) wearing clothes that show your bra. Bras are meant for under your shirt and really shouldn't be exposed. If you need to wear a bra under a tank top or with a spaghetti strap dress, wear a strapless bra PLEASE!!!
2) wearing running shoes for things other than running. These shoes are just plain ugly unless they are at the gym or being worn for the purpose they were intended.
3) showing way too much cleavage. This is a BIG no no for me. I h…

Throwback Thursday #3

I have less than one hour left to get this TT post in!! Sooooo me to leave it to the last minute but i do have good reason...i fell asleep shortly after putting the little guy to bed, fully clothed, full makeup and all!! Now i'm awake but only long enough to write a's hard to find pics to share of the good old days. Those photos are all tucked away in albums and not on my computer for easy access so i'm going to share a pic or two of my little guys from last year when he was just born...oh what a year it's been!! I"m back to work on Tuesday and this chapter of SAHM will have come to an end