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The Garden update

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely. I fed the plants with organic plant food, specifically made for vegetable growth. I wonder if it makes a difference. So far I see lots of flowering on both the tomato and cucumber plants, i assume those flowers will eventually turn to vegetables. I can hope anyway!!!
Hopefully pics will come soon!

My experiment

with vegetable gardening...
Over the weekend my son and I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers. I am so curious to see what will come of this. We (okay I) have never had success with vegetable gardening in the past. Each time I plant tomatoes I forget about them and they really do need attention and TLC in order to produce any fruit. SOO this year I am trying to remember that they need to be watered daily (actually we've been lucky so far in that the rain has been doing this for me!!!) and the also need to be fed- so i'm giving some plant/vegetable food and crossing my fingers for decent results!!! I have no idea what to expect of the cucumbers but for the $3.99 it cost to buy the plant already blooming I figured I'd try! Since I eat 1 whole cucumber a day this will really help with the grocery bills if I do see results!!!
Any tips from any gardeners out there???

My nails...updated

Well one week after my nails were done I had my first little tiny chip. I was a bit dissapointed as this gel was supposed to last at least two weeks and they weren't supposed to chip, only grow out. Two days after the first tiny chip I now have some major breakage and one whole nail has come off.
I won't be returning to Venetian for the gel manicure again. I do like their regular mani/pedis and will stick to that for a special occassion.
Although, after talking to some of my collegues I discovered that gel manicures are actually different than shellac and I am willing the actual Shellac mani at a different salon.

Something New

I have been hearing about the new Shellac/gel  manicures for months now. I really wanted to try it as my nails are usually a huge mess. Finally this week when I had some time I took the plunge to get this done. I am really impressed so far. It's been 2 days since I got them done and there is absolutely no sign of chipping. They look just as perfect now as they did when I left the salon!
There are fewer colors to choose from but since I had decided on a french anyway it really didn't matter to me!
This manicure does cost a lot more than a traditional one but if it truely lasts 14 days than it is well worth the extra $$!(I paid about $40 with tax and tip) I may just have found my solution to awful nails.

June 1st, new month, new goals

I have found myself going back to some of my old (bad) habits lately. It is so easy to slip back to being a couch potato and not exercise, eat crap and (pretend to) not care about it at all. Deep down I know I love exercising and when I get off my arse and actually do it I feel great about it. So since I have a day off work and nowhere to be till 10 am I am going to take this opportunity to Just Do It and head out for a run.
I was apprehensive about running because my toes/feet always go numb when I walk/run but after talking to my chiropractor about it she suggested taping my feet with athletic tape so that is what I've been doing and amazingly she knows what she is talking about-it has actually been helping. The problem wasn't what I thought it was but a symptom of dropped arches. My feet are pretty much completely flat and that is what has been causing me all this pain! SO once I get fitted for orthotics and wear them regularly I can run to my heart content without pain (I…