Thursday, 21 June 2012

wheat weirdness

I have never really been an allergy sufferer of any sort. The occassional sniffle at certain times of the year or a slight reaction to different foods but nothing to worry about. I have never associated bloating or general discomfort directly with what I ate, until today. I haven't had bread or bread products for breakfast in a very long time but today didn't have time for breakfast so I grabbed a bagel at Tim's along with my usual coffee. Boy what a mistake...firstly the points on a bagel are astronomical and definitely do not bode well with a weight watchers life style, secondly the after effects of all that gluten/wheat have been leaving me in a stitch. I have bloated up to twice my normal size within a very short time. My tummy looks like it is carrying child. After taking a digestive enzyme I am starting to feel better but boy what an eye opener!
Even if the bagel says 12 is probably full of wheat (bad) and definitely loaded with butter (bad)- so even if it is tastey...totally not worth it!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Learning to Run

I have been running/jogging a bit more lately and have definitely started learning things about the wonderful sport...

First. when you can't find your sports bra...any old bra just won't do!!! My girls aren't particularly large but definitely do require support and proper support when running is imperative. Now that I've done a 5k in a bouncy bra, i will search until I find my running bra...each and every time!!

Second. I much rather enjoy early morning runs. It is so peaceful outside and way cooler too. I tried running at 3pm last week and almost passed out. I did manage to get in my 5km run but not without a few short walk breaks just to catch my breath. Will try for morning runs whenever I can from now on.

Third. Taking water with me make a huge difference in my performance. I normally don't take water but did today and boy was I happy I did. Half way through my run when I normally would have stopped due to exhaustion I was able to take a few sips of water and just run on. What a revelation I had!!!

Lastly- persistence. For me working through my negative attitude of "I can't do this" and just going for it was not easy but i have learned to just get my shoes on and go for it. No matter how short my run or how hard it is, once I"m done I feel great!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

just a slight rant...

a person i know has recently lost a crap load of weight. She has been following a strict diet plan and over the course of 5 or 6 months lost what looks to be close to 30 pounds (i'm really just guessing). She looks good but maybe a little too skinny in my opinion...well last time I saw her and her mother, the mother says to me (out of her ear shot) that she thinks her daughter should lose more weight...i was totally shocked and actually disgusted by this comment.

the joys of home ownership

I love owning my own home. It really beats renting, really it does. But since we moved out of our townhouse which was corporated and had services such at lawn mowing and snow removal we have discovered the real joys of home ownership. Anything you need done, you have to do yourself! This past winter I had to shovel snow for the first time in I don't know how many years- we didn't get a lot of snow- thank goodness- but it was a serious workout!

There are lots of "yellow flowers" in the yard...well now what? Before the lawn guy would come, do this and that, and the weeds dissapear now we just look at them with wonder!

We should/need to plant some trees and flowers in the front but i have been procrastinating. I'm not a gardener by nature and it takes so much effort to get down and dig up the earth to plant- ugh!

A New Love Affair

I have never really been a "dress" person. I like dresses for fansy dress but for every day I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal but lately I have become obsessed with dresses. Suddenly after years and years of not even trying one on I decided to give it a go...well I have fallen in love and have actually become somewhat obsessed!!
I have discovered just how flattering and comfortable they can be. AND an added bonus- just one piece to worry about, no need to find a matching top/pants , no muffin top, just throw it on and go.
The absolute only problem with dresses is playing with the kids while wearing them. It is really hard to get down on the floor and play in a dress- the skirt part rides up and makes it kind of embarrasing for anyone around who might get a peak of my undies!!
This summer I picked up several new summery dresses from Reitmans, Ricki's and RW. They are mostly colorful and great for everyday wear as well as a little dressy if I choose. I have even worn a couple of them with a little shrug which I can take off if need be... also great for wearing them into the fall before the weather gets too chilly for dresses :)
Who knew?!?!

fear factor parenting

it started out innocently enough, I told my son if he didn't brush his teeth after every meal his teeth would fall out. Now he brushes them when he is done his morning milk and when he goes to sleep at night.He is very consciences about it too- if he has a snack after his teeth are brushed he will brush them again before going to sleep for the night. I am proud of this. I think that warning him about the ill affects of his actions is a good way to get him to understand how important it is to brush his teeth (or to eat his vegetables, drink his milk etc...) Some may not agree with this style of parenting. Recently we were critisized for using fear (warnings!!) to get him to listen... we really didn't know a better way- any suggestions?!?!

ism's and tism's

A few sayings or phrases I commonly hear but just can't stand:

See ya- (not "see ya later" but just "see ya") I'm not sure why this one bugs me so much but when I hear someone say it I feel like they are being condescending and sarcastic
Is that so? It is like the person saying it doesn't really believe you or they think what you're saying is insignificant.
You look tired -in other words, you look like sh*t. Thanks! I know I'm tired and don't have much makeup on but do you need to point it out to me!
YouĂ©ve lost weight-  I just hate when the focus is on my weight. Sure I lost weight about 2 years ago and have managed to keep it off but I have other things in my life besides my weight! Take some time to ask about those things.


Since I was pretty much the last of most of my friends to have children I had lots of opportunity to observe and learn about what parenting styles seemed to work and what I would like to use for my own kids. There was so much to learn about sleeping, eating, dressing and general handling of kids. We had friends who had their kids on very rigid routines for sleeping and some who let their kids stay up as late as they wanted, we had some who let them eat and drink as much and whatever they wanted, including one who put Coke in her baby's bottle, and some who didn't stop their kids from eating cookies till the kid puked, there were those who didn't care what their kids wore and those who made sure their kids looked pristine all the time etc...
when I was pregnant with my first baby we went to pre-natal classes where the focus was mainly learning how to breath during labour- and since I knew that I'd be having a c-section I focused more on the other topics like sleeping, feeding and safety.I pretty much knew from the start that I'd breastfeed my baby, even when the time came to actually feed and it turned out to be much much harder than anticipated I followed through with it- mostly because I asked my amazing hubby to go to the store and figure out how much formula would cost compared to the free milk I had! When he came back and said it would likely cost about $300 a month for formula my decision was made. No way was I going to waste hard earned money on that when I could just feed my baby my own milk for free! I actually couldn't believe that people would willingly dry up their milk and pay for formula...but that is me I guess!( always weighing the cost of things!!)
Then came sleeping... I knew the first few months would be hard. Everyone always talked about the late night feedings, the sleepless nights and all that other fun stuff. Even the pediatrician mentioned this to us. We kept the baby in a bassinet in our room for the first 6 weeks- mostly because I'd had a c-section and it was very hard for me to get up to feed the baby, if he was in our room hubby could just quickly get up and bring him to me,and everyone had been telling us that was what we should do. Once he started sleeping through the night (yes he slept through at 6 weeks!!-but that only lasted till about 4 months) he moved into his own crib in his own room. We weren't going to get into the habit of having the baby sleep in our room with us- at that age he had no say and didn't know the difference- and to this day the only time he's slept in our room is when he's been really really sick (and usually gets moved back to his bed while sleeping)
We also noticed that he was very fussy in the late evening. So fussy that it was almost unbearable to hear his little shrill cry for hours at a time- nothing seemed to console him- feeding, rocking, swinging,  bouncing... until we just put him in his crib- and he fell asleep! He needed the peace and quiet of his own crib, in his own room to sleep. Thus started our realization that babies needed routine right from the start. Every night we'd have dinner, bathe the baby, I'd nurse him and put him down at around 6:30. He'd sleep for about 12 hours! There were periods of time where he'd wake in the night for feedings, like during teething or growth spurts but generally if we stuck to this routine there was never a problem.
I also started keeping a pretty rigid routine during the days for naps and eating too. This worked beautifully. My baby was happy and I was happy!
As he got older and all the other moms were starting their kids on solids I wanted to wait as long as possible. I had read how feeding solids too early could lead to later stomach problems. I held out until he was 5.5 months! We did the traditional, cereals (rice, then oatmeal, then barley), vegetables (greens first) and then fruits. I made my own baby food and only bought a few jars for convenience. Since I could never get meat mushed up enough I relied on jarred meats which my baby actually loved (blech!!!!) After he turned one and could eat whatever we ate I still wanted him to eat a variety of healthy foods and tried hard to limit his junk intake. We gave him cookies and sweets on occasion but unlike some of my  friends who couldn't wait to give their babies chocolate I avoided giving that to him for as long as possible.
I thought I had it all worked out! I'd be the health nut mom who gave the kids home make carrot cake, raisin cookies  and zucchini muffins in place of chocolate chip cookies, processed foods and other unhealthy fair! WRONG!!! Once my baby started daycare and I no longer had full control over what he ate, he was introduced to all sorts of less than ideal foods (french fries, chicken fingers, fish sticks etc...) Now that is all he will eat! As he is fast approaching 6 years of age he is getting better at trying things he doesn't recognize.
As for our daughter...she seems to copy him and if he is happy with the meal, she will generally be as well.
As for clothes...I thought I'd have full  control of what they wore up until they were tweens WRONG. Both my kids are very fashion aware. They have chosen their own clothes for as long as I can remember and boy does all hell break loose if I dare even suggest they wear something they don't want to... I try to buy stuff that all matches and this year I have a bunch of dresses for my daughter so she won't always look like a colourful clown!
It is just amazing how your plans for things can quickly go curbside once reality sets in!!

At it again

Had my first run today since last weeks' 5k. It was really really hard. Not sure if I struggled so much because I was exhausted or if the route was just really hilly but I hard time getting it done and did end up walking quite a bit. That's okay though because it is just motivation to try again and get a full 5k run without walking. I plan to register for a 5k run taking place July 1 and want to beat my time from last week so I will definitely have to kick it up a notch and get out there more than the once a week I've been managing lately!!

Friday, 1 June 2012


I noticed a new store open up at Scarborough Town Centre recently. I was curious about it as the clothes looked kind of cute and likely fairly affordable. Upon entering the store I quickly realized the clothes were definitely made for "thin" people and I also noticed something really strange. All the clothes are one size! I had not experienced anything like it since shopping many moons ago in Korea!! At Katie very few items are sized, which means very few items will look good. I did try on one dress and it was cute and very affordable but decided to pass as it wasn't great quality- as in, I noticed a snag in it at the store. Did manage to pick up a pair of black leggings for $8.
I will go in again once in a while just to see what they have but probably won't buy much!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...