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Where does the time go

It has been a whole year since I stopped working outside the home. I left work the end of May 2008 to go on my second (and likely last) maternity leave. The time has just slipped by without my even noticing. I look at the calander and I can't believe I am back to work in 2.5 weeks! It is going to break my heart to leave my little darling in the care of someone else while I go to the office every day. I know it will be good for her and in the long run good for me but it just means that another chapter of my life is coming to an end. Instead of newborns and itsy bitsy cuddles we will be dealing with other things, fist steps, maybe potty training (the boy is very resistant) and moving to big school/daycare...why can't we just freeze time for a little while and defrost it when we are ready???

tease me baby tease me...

our internet/computer has been on the fritz for a while now. We have had to take it to the "doctor" quite a few times over the last few months...this last time they told us that it would more expensive to fix than to buy a new one. We opted to buy a new one. It was ordered ages ago (or at least it feels like ages) but hasn't arrived yet. Our current computer will give me a few minutes here or there where i can actually log in to my email and read some. Unfortunatly it won't allow me to open any emails received in Hotmail but I can read gmail- so i can log in, see that I have 26 new messages but can't read or delete any of them...argh the teasing this system is doing is just killing me! The computer also has a habit of turning off by itself while i'm mid project...or just finally sitting down to defrag after a long day of mommying...

anyway better not take any chances...happy day everyone!