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Do you "brown bag" it?

I recently came across this article and it got me thinking....
Brown-bagging it is better
Students who eat lunches made at home and eschew school cafeteria food are less likely to suffer from obesity, says a University of Alberta researcher. Paul Veugelers, co-author of the study published September 13 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that children who eat regularly and eat home-cooked food with their families are on the road toward developing healthy habits. Research found that students who buy lunch at school are 47 per cent more likely to have weight problems than students who bring lunch from home, and students who regularly eat their meals in front of the TV run the risk of becoming overweight. The study surveyed 4,000 Nova Scotia students.

I wonder how true this is for adults too. I almost always bring my lunch from home. I take care to make lunch for both hubby and I each night before bed in order to have it ready to go in the am. Neither of us are obese (althoug…

Missing the Mark

In today's environmentally aware society it absolutely baffles me how many people still don't understand the importance of reducing our consumption. I constantly notice people ordering coffee to go in toss away, non-recyclable cups(which i am guilty of too but have reduced doing considerably since getting my reusable, thermal coffee cup), taking numerous bags from various shops while shopping (when each bag might only contain a single item each) or using paper plates on a regular basis because it is "easier"

Today while browsing my local Joe section of the Super Centre I tried on and went to purchase one item. At the cash the clerk rung in my item, and was about to put in a plastic bag when I said "Oh, I don't need a bag, I have my own" Her reply was "let me put in the plastic bag, then you can put it in your bag" I looked at her and said "what would be the point then, I'm trying to reduce plastic bag consumption" I was not surpr…

On a serious note...

On the anniversary of 9/11 my thoughts are of course on that day in history which changed everyones lives forever but they are also on events a little closer to home. Today my husband called me as I was leaving work to let me know his school was in lockdown. As a student had been stabbed. Later we would find out he had been stabbed to death. He would be late picking me up.
My worst fears were coming true as hubby left a very good school in an afluent neighborhood to teach at a school run by the school board. A school in a much less "prestigious" neighborhood where the students had more to worry about than whether or not their parents were going to buy them a sedan or an SUV for their graduation. Many students at this Scarborough school seem to come from poor families, a majority of which appear to come from single parent homes. These kids worry about whether or not they are going to live to see the next day, if the gangs will bother them or if they will get knocked off in a d…

adventures in hair dressing...

Who ever said suburban life was boring never took a trip to my local mall for a haircut! Over the weekend I decided that a new do and some retail therapy was in order. I hit the mall first thing Saturday morning, sans baby or hubby!
The hair cut is pretty good, the color a lot darker than I had expected and is still taking some getting used to but I do like it a lot. Got some cute tops too.
The surprise was the little mouse running around the salon. Next door to the hair dresser is PJ's pet store...apparently they have a big problem with rodents getting free and taking shelter in the salon. The little white mouse was quite cute and didn't look dirty or disgusting- i didn't have a problem with it being there but the elderly ladies who come in weekly weren't fond of the little mouse. Appently the back room is filled with runaway grasshoppers and crickets too!!!
Lucky they are moving

Help my hair!!!!

I am desperate for a new hairstyle. My current style is just so blah!!! I am bored and in need of something new, fun, stylish yet manageable as I have very little time to fiddle with it in the morning.

I have been admiring the "Victoria Beckham" but think it may require frequent touch ups as it is quite short in the back. My other idea is a layered bob, shorter in the back and longer in the front, coming down in angular sweeps around my face...Trying to find pics to post of what I am trying to describe....
This was my last hair cut, which was nice for about a day or two but is now scraggly and unkempt (the nice styles lasted about a day or two ARGH!!!)

Any suggestions ladies???? I like these...but am open to ideas :)

Grammar drama...

I was never concerned much with proper use of grammar until I began teaching it after university. The difference in correct format and usage of words was never something I ever really thought about. Now I am a really grammar nut. I can't stand when I see incorrect usage or when I hear people speaking and using fowl uses of the English language.
A few of the written offences that really blow my fuse are:

using their/there incorrectly....come on that is such an easy one to get right!!!
were/where (these aren't even pronounced that same)
Some of the spoken errors I hate hearing:
Yous(as in yous people)
ain't (there ain't such a word...the word is there isn't)
I didn't hear nothing yet...should be I haven't heard ANYTHING yet (ARGH!!!)
we's (as in we-more than two)

And the thing that really nags at me is typos...i don't always correct them all but I usually at least try to do a quick edit and read …

times are a changin'

I have never enjoyed change much. I kept the same part-time job for 18 years, from the time I was in grade 9 until I was pregnant with my little bambino. That job saw me through many phases of my life...i litterally grew up in that store. I have been in my current permanent position for 5 years now and can't imagine going anywhere any time soon. I have had the same car for 10 years now and have even lived in the same neighborhood my entire life....
BUT one change I really enjoy is the change of seasons. Once the weather starts to cool down and autumn is in the air, followed by winter I get excited at the idea that new things are on their way. I look forward to the fall colors embracing our trees, the crisp cool air and the sweaters I get to bundle up in to take the chill off.

Do you enjoy change? what changes do you look forward to?

For a good laugh...


Hubby came home Friday evening from his weekly excursion to Blockbuster with Blades of Glory. I had been avoiding this movie as I really thought it looked kind of stupid, mindless and downright trashy. I was pleasantly surprised. This spoof on the world of figure skating had both me and hubby in stitches laughing so hard. I'm not entirely sure I would have found BOG sooo funny if I had been more awake but being exhausted, and in need of a good laugh allowed me to enjoy almost every moment of this comedy.
BOG stars Will Ferrell who proves to have a diverse acting ability in this flick. Newcomer Jon Heder (of Napolean Dynamite fame) does an outstanding job as well.

The Story Chaz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy McElroy (Jon Heder) are two fierce competitors in the world of Figure Skating. They often compete for the gold medal in competition in the singles' male category. Chaz is a belligerent sex addict who competes 'solo' and has no coach an…