Monday, 29 May 2006

making progress

So I decided to make a big trip to Walmart today...I was in search of baby essentials and I did find some things I really needed...and $50 later I got some pretty good stuff including 120 nursing pads, some receiving blankets, baby bath soap, body wash, shampoo, bum cream and a cute little rubber ducky...Now all I need is a little bath tub and a diaper genie and we should be good to go for a little while anyway.

Yesterday I got a tonne of "vests" as my MIL calls them, from my me they look like undershirts but I guess that's what they were called in SA-her little one has outgrown them and is now walking so she doesn't wear them anymore. We also got a bunch of new GAP clothes that Ava never wore as she had SOOO much stuff she never had a chance to wear it all - It really does help that her paternal bubbie works at the GAP in Portland and is always sending her new outfits!!

I am pretty sure we'll be okay with the "stuff"....just need to set up the room which is all painted, just need to put together the crib and the glider, and hang up some of the cute decor. I think it will look pretty cute :)

that's all for now!!

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

those mischievous squirrels!! part 2

I finally got around to the back of the house yesterday to plant my tomotoes and zucchini for the season....well today when i went out back to water the new additions I noticed a number of holes in the ground where the zucchini seeds had been planted. Now I KNOW I didn't just throw the seeds in and leave it all open like that so my only conclusion can be that those cute little furry squirrels dug up my freshly planted seeds...luckily they didn't get all the seeds but it looked as though they got about a third of them (which my actually be a good thing because after reading some more on planting zucchini seeds I think I may have planted WAY too many in a fairly small area)... time will tell what actually grows this time around- years ago we tried growing broccoli and ended up with heads of earwigs and absolutley nothing edible...

I have been noticing peanuts all around the lawn and front garden lately as well, I assume those were planted by the squirrels over the fall and winter for food...perhaps my little friends have just been trying to access their peanuts and came across my zucchini seeds...who knows...

Can't wait to see what happens with this experiment of mine...i usually play it safe and just plant tomotoes but after speaking to Jill one day a while back I thought zucchini squash might be a good choice and it's always nice to have I made a mean zucchini chocolate chip muffin!!!

Friday, 19 May 2006

editing questions....

okay whenever i write an entry on the blog I make sure to seperate paragraphs, put in correct punctuation, and all that jazz- to make it things make sense but when i hit publish post the blog just turns into one long paragraph and the whole thing just doesn't look right anymore...can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong??? this publishing error has made my blogs in the past take on a new meaning, and not always the right meaning!! How do i fix this problem???

my garden has arrived...

I finally got started on my garden. I had been procrastinating it for a while now as the ground was too hard and sandy, I was tired and I just didn't have the energy to crouch down and put in all those flowers...BUT today was the day. I woke up early, ran some errands with my hubby who had the day off work too, then ventured over to the Home Depot Garden centre.. we picked out a bunch of flowers in a mix of colors and I also bought some vegetables to plant in the back yard... came right home and got started. Of course it took me way longer than it would have if I was able to bend down on my knees and really get into it but i was able to put in all the flowers with only a few breaks along the way. Thank goodness for all the rain we've had the past few days as the ground was the perfect texture to turn over and plant. Maybe tomorrow i'll get started on weeding the back and the other side of the garden...

For now the front still looks kind of skimpy but once the flowers bloom and grow in it is going to be sooo pretty :)

The vegetables are going to have to wait a least a day or two before I venture into the backyard to plant them. There is only so much energy left in my reserve for one afternoon :)

Happy planting!!!

Thursday, 18 May 2006

great day

So far my day has been wonderful! In spite of the rain which soaked us this morning we've enjoyed our day. We met with a wonderful doctor who did an ultrasound and showed us our baby in great detail. She was able to point out baby's hands, feet (which are resting on my bladder and cervix-explaining all the sharp pains i've been getting lately) and the little head and even the ears!! We were even able to see the umbilicle cord in color on the moniter. So far we have a 5 pounder on our hands but there is still lots of time to grow!!
Baby looks really cute and we are very excited to meet the little one...just over one month go, unless baby get impatient and comes out early...oh the next 5 weeks are probably going to fly by so quickly we won't know what hit us!

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

one more day of work to go..

woohoo...i have an extra long weekend coming up...i have Thursday, Friday as well as Monday off...then i have a short day Tuesday as i have another doctor's appointment.... lucky me :)
I booked Thursday and Friday off not even realizing that it was a long weekend anyway..i'm surprised my leave request was approved as i know at least 5 people from my team alone who will be off those days...not complaining-just commenting...
woohoo...i will enjoy my rest and relaxation time immensely!!
Then it's one month left of work till i am off for the year...i officially booked my maternity leave to start June 19 !!! very exciting!

Friday, 12 May 2006

hay fever

Oh you gotta love lovely as the gorgeous sunshine and beautiful flowers are the redness in my eyes and this runny nose really bites!! I don't normally suffer from allergies but every few years or so the pollen or something in the air is really high causing me to suffer with these dreaded allergies. Normally I'd just take a reactin from my hubby's stash but being pregnant I must just suffer through the next few weeks with box of Kleenex in hand and remember to only wear waterproof mascara :)
Lucky for me this only happens irregularly as I have witnessed my hubby suffer over and over again with awful allergies. He is just drained of all energy, cannot sleep, can barely eat (as if he needs this problem, he's SOOO skinny) and just wants to sleep sleep sleep...leaving me bored and lonely and feeling really guilty as I can't usually empathize with him.

Monday, 8 May 2006

Okay, BLUE Jays, Lets play BALL

Went to the Jays came this evening. It was awsome. The Jays played an amazing game and won 5-1 over the Los Angeles Angels.
A special thanks to Mandy for giving us the tickets. The seats couldn't have been better, 15th row from the field right behind 3rd base. Lucky for us she doesn't like baseball !! This was baby's first game and I think we have a future fan on our hands as there was lot's of movement going on in the belly during the exciting parts of the game!!


I recently went to see the South African movie TSOTSI. This movie won the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at the 2006 Academy Awards. This movie was one of the most moving yet disturbing films I have seen in a very long time. It takes place in the townships of Johannesburg where life is all about survival of the fittest. Gangs and violence are the norm and become the only way of life most of the young know or aspire to. The young Tsotsi is a 19 year old product of his upbringing in this ghetto environment. He is the leader of his gang, up to no good with no future and nobody who really loves or cares for him. One night after a drinking binge, and a heightened need to exude authority he takes it upon himself to carjack a woman driving a BMW in a very well off neighborhood. Unbeknowst to Tsotsi he has also committed a kidnapping. The small baby he finds in the car becomes a source of inspiration and allows Tsotsi to really grow up in a way nothing else has allowed him to do before.
This movie has moments of extreme violence and can be disturbing but would not have been as effective had these sceens been toned down in the least. I would highly recommend this movie as I have heard from recent immigrants from SA that it really is an accurate representation of what South Africans live through on daily basis.

Thursday, 4 May 2006

I have rediscovered The Body Shop. A few years ago I fell in love with body butter, especially the Brazil Nut scented one. It is so sweet and delicious smelling I have been tempted on more than one occassion to taste it!!! I can curse the person who gave me a tub of this stuff as a Kris Kringle present all those years ago-gave me an addiction!
This cream is so thick and rich you only need a tiny amount to soften your hands and arms, one tub can last me months and months...lucky for that as this stuff is a little pricey- even with a gift certificate I felt a little guilty forking out $18 + tax for body cream...but i know i'll enjoy every bit of it.

inconsiderate drivers

As i drove to work this morning I encountered a few very rude and inconsiderate drivers out on the roads. I am still shaking because of the stupidity of one particular asshole woman who was behind me while I was waiting to make a left hand turn from a side street to a major road. This woman obviously had very important things to do today as she wouldn't stop her ridiculous honking and probably yelling (I could see her irratic hand motions in my rear view mirror) as i waited for the way to clear. Perhaps she wanted to risk getting into an accident but my being 7 months pregnant I was not taking any chances by playing chicken with cars coming right at me at 60km per hour.
I find that drivers in the city have become more and more aggresive as the population multiplies. If one isn't aggresive to some degree than you get nowhere as people are no longer curtious in letting you in if you signal and wait. Now I usually try to help fellow drivers out by letting them in as long as they signal- often this curtousy isn't even regarded with a thank you wave...argh!!
ANYWAY that was my rant for this beautiful sunny morning!

makeup makeover

I recently had a day off with nothing to really focus on but myself. I decided that after getting my nails done I was going to get a Sephora...