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Earth Day is coming

amazing how time flies...i've been meaning to post for over 2 weeks now and just haven't had the time or all my blog ideas have passed but I will try ..

In honour of Earth Day I wanted to post about a few things I have tried recently around the house. Some have worked for me and some...well we'll just say at leave I tried.

Things I like
1) using baking soda to scrub the sinks. They really do come out shining and clean looking. Just don't use too much or you end up with a bit of a mess to contend with. I finally got the proportions right after a couple of tries.
2) hanging some laundry rather than using the dryer. I tried hanging everything but found that my underwear and socks didn't feel quite right on when they weren't dried in the dryer. They felt kind of crunchy and uncomfortable. I will continue to use the dryer for those garmets.
3) using vinager to clean the counter tops. I don't mind the smell and it basically gets things clean. If i really …