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the Lazy Train

was coming... choo choo... I just haven't been up for posting, cooking, exercising or doing much these days. I don't what came over me through most of August and the first part of September but whatever it was I think it is passing.
After becoming so lazy and not exercising much, eating pretty much whatever I wanted and starting to feel like a blimp again my dear hubby decided to give me a much needed kick in the ass. He told me that I had to stop complaining and just do something about how I was feeling. I was annoyed with him at first but then really heard what he said and got right back on that elliptical. I have been working out every other day for about a week now and miraculously feel slimmer already! I only do a 30 minute workout but I adjust the settings myself using the manual mode rather than a set course which is much more challenging- I actually break a sweat- something I never usually did on the elliptical at home (probably part of the reason I gained a shit load…