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IS spring really in the air??

The winter weather is really starting to get to me. Just when I thought spring was on its way...another darn snowfall dumped the white stuff on us. I am just getting so tired of dressing the kids in their boots, coats and hats, I am tired of dressing myself in boots, coat and hat (well the hat has somehow managed to get lost somewhere in my house)
I see the spring clothes in store windows but I'm just not feeling it quite yet. Although I have noticed a few trends and styles for the spring I'll definitely be able to live with.

A viral cop-out

So my little guy was really sick the other night. He was tossing his cookies and was really upset by the nausea sensation. He had a low grade fever so I took him to the walk-in clinic where the doctor barely examined him and concluded he has a virus. I accepted this diagnosis without question because he's the professional right?
Well I remembered much later in the day that last winter I had seen that very same doctor. I'd had similar symptoms to my son, nausea, fever, sore neck and cough.That doctor dismissed what I had as a virus. The symptoms did not clear up in the 3-4 days he said they should, I went to my own doctor and sure enough I had a terrible infection in which anti-biotics were prescribed. That was the first round of 3 different anti-biotics to fight off whatever it was i had developed.
My question is, should I trust what this doctor says or do I take my son to his own regular doctor to make sure it's nothing more than a virus? Given this man's track recor…